Why you should NOT visit Salina Turda Salt Mine, Romania

By: Nofar Ronen

The Salina Turda salt mine is located in Turda, the second biggest city in the Cluj district.

The 2000 year-old salt mine started operating in the medieval times and shut down in 1932. It was around 1939 when the second world war started and the local authorities reopened it and used it as shelter for Turda citizens.
In 1992 the salt mine was renovated and opened as a tourist attraction both for adults and children.

We’ve been to Salina Turda during our summer trip to Romania and I really liked it! but there are also few reasons why you may want to skip it. Read on!

The amazing salt mine - Salina Turda Romania - Traveling outside the box

What are the ways to get to Salina Turda salt mine in Romania from the city Cluj Napoca?

There are 3 ways to get from Cluj to the salt mine

  1. Car – you can rent a car especially if you rent a car and travel with it to other places. You can search for a car in the search engine Papam Papam. Personally, I really like to search through them because they save me time (instead of going to several websites) and they also have the option of filtering out non-recommended rental companies.
  2. Take a taxi – the cost of a taxi from Cluj to Salina Turda will cost around 20-25 euros each way.
  3. Bus – need 2 buses. One bus from Cluj Napoca to Salina Turda and from Salina Turda to the mine. The cost of a bus is about 2-3 euros, but keep in mind that this option is not recommended because it may take you a long time in each direction. It is difficult to find the bus in Salina Turda and the bus times are not clear and it may take a journey of several hours in each direction.

How we went to Salina Turda?

It’s about 40km from Cluj-Napoca and it took us about 40 minutes to get there.
We drove to the mine after visiting Cluj-Napoca, and from there we continued to Brasov (a drive of 3.5 hours).
We were really impressed by the area around the mine. Everything is so green. There are also a lot of shops and fast food places.

Tours to Salina Turda salt mine

Those who do not rent a car have the option of taking tours that depart from Cluj Napoca –

To book a tour that departs from Cluj Napoca and passes through 3 attractions, including the salt mine

To book a tour to the salt mine only

The area of ​​the salt mine

Before entering the mine Roman got me a hot dog for 5 Lei. We got tickets, and went downstairs to see the magic.

Entrance to the Salina Turda salt mine

From the moment we stepped downstairs it became freezing, so bring some warm clothes with you. We started walking until we got to the end of the tunnel but there was only an exit at its end. Walking in such a long tunnel and knowing that it was built by humans was really impressive.

We continued to the “Echo Area.” You yell something and then you hear your voice echoing. It was soo cool.

We continued to see the rest of the museum and later we kept going downstairs. I went down the elevator and Roman took the stairs. We stuck to the stairs after that. There are a lot of people waiting for the elevators, so you should bring some comfy shoes and get ready to go up and down the stairs a lot.

Attractions at the Salt Mine

When we went downstairs we discovered a world of attractions:

Attractions in the salt mine

  • There are different mini golf courses
  • Ping pong
  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Rent a boat in Salt Lake

We decided to go on the giant wheel.

After an awesome time at the ferris wheel we kept going down the stairs (about 6 flights) and then we got to a beautiful salt lake where you can rent a boat and just sail. It seemed really nice, but since my navigation and sailing skills are lacking, decided to give up on the idea 🙂 To rent a boat it would cost you 15 Lei and you can have a maximum of 3 people.

We really enjoyed our time at the mine. It’s unbelievable how men could build such a thing with their bare hands without any of today’s technology.



Aleea Durgăului 7, Turda 401106.

Opening hours

Every day between 09:00-18:00.

Entrance costs to the salt mine

Adult 30 lei. Child/pensioner/student 15 lei.

Where to eat near the mine?

Most of the restaurants surrounding the mine offer pretty similar foods. We picked the corner restaurant, because the waitress understood English, and I’m picky with my food so I needed her to understand my requests. There was also shade, and some nice view.
We were satisfied with our choice.

I ordered a hot dog in a bun and Roman ordered wings, hot dogs, rice, and pickles. After eating all of that he ordered some more of the hot dog and cabbage. Don’t you just love a man with some healthy appetite.

It was so good, and we were so hungry that I forgot to take pictures of everything. I only got one 🙂
The bill was 35 Lei for a very satisfying meal.

Accommodations close to Salina Turda

We slept in Cluj-Napoca and arrived with a rented car – about a 40-minute drive. If you are interested in sleeping in an area close to the salt mine, then I found some hotels with good reviews:

  1. Wineyards Salin
  2. Pensiunea Salina Gymnasium
  3. Potaissa Hotel

Questions and answers about the Salina Turda salt mine

When should you go to the salt mine?

I recommend coming to the mine in the middle of the week and not on holidays, the place was full even in the middle of the week, on weekends it is really busy. Even if you only use the stairs it can be too busy, since the stairs are narrow.

Is it possible to arrive with a baby in a stroller?

There are elevators inside the salt mine. The problem is that they are very busy. If you plan to use the elevators, come mentally prepared for a very long line. I personally think it is better to arrive with a carrier and not a stroller so as not to be restricted.

What equipment to bring to the salt mine?

It is highly recommended to bring warm clothes in your bag. It was hot outside when we were there, but that has no effect on the temperature in the mine itself. It’s very cold there. So even if it’s hot outside, don’t forget to bring warm clothes. Bring comfortable shoes. The place is really big. Like a whole city. We walk there quite a lot and also go up and down a lot of stairs.

Is there somewhere to eat near the salt mine?

Yes, there are some food stalls near the mine

From where is it recommended to get to the Salina Turda salt mine?

The closest big city to the salt mine is Close Napoca, 43 minutes away by car. We arrived from there and then continued from there to Brasov which was at least 3 and a half hours away. We arrived in a rental car that we rented through the search engine Papam Papam.

Why you should NOT visit Salina Turda?

  1. If you are with a baby and want to come with a stroller, then know that there is an elevator, but the line for the elevator is so long that it will take you a long time to go up and down the elevator. Of course it’s better to come with a baby carrier but keep in mind that there are a lot of stairs.
  2. Following on from the previous section, if you are in a wheelchair, you will have to come with a lot of patience because there are very long lines for the elevator. Even when the place is not busy.
  3. If you are in Cluj Napoca and want to get to the Salina Turda mine, but you are traveling on a low budget, then it will be challenging for you to get there. You can take two buses but it will take you several hours each way and it is not necessarily worth it.
  4. If you are short on time on a trip to Romania and not in the area of Cluj Napoca then I would not particularly recommend going there. The place is special and cool but not worth a long drive.
  5. If you arrive during the period of peak tourism in Romania July August or you only have free time on a weekend to visit a salt mine, you may have to endure long queues both in the elevator and on the stairs.
  6. Following on from the previous section, if you come with small children who lose patience quickly, you may find yourself very frustrated with the queues especially if you arrive on busy days.

In conclusion, if you have a stroller, a wheelchair, or are not in good shape, come with a lot of patience because the lines for the elevator are long. If you don’t have patience then it is not recommended to visit the mine 🙂

It is important to note that the salt mine is really special and there is a whole world inside that is hard to believe exists inside a salt mine. You just have to arrive with patience and try to arrive in the middle of the week.

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