Things to do in Protaras with kids

By: Nofar Ronen

Protaras is one of the most popular beach holiday destinations in Cyprus, located on the country’s south east coast. About a quarter of an hour drive from Ayia Napa and an hour drive from the airport in Larnaca. In its central street you will find many bars, restaurants, cafes and shops. It is considered a family resort and is located near one of the best beaches on the island, Fig Tree.

In the post I wrote recommendations for things to do in Protaras with kids as well as in Ayia Napa ( a short drive between them).

Attractions in Protaras: Promenade, a street of bars and restaurants, sailing with mermaids, an amusement park, a church inside a mountain, a beach and a fountain show.

Attractions in Ayia Napa: Amusement park, Cape Greco nature reserve, yellow submarine cruise and water park.

Protaras with kids - Traveling outside the box

How do you get to Protaras?

There is no airport in Protaras. The best option is to land at the Larnaca Airport and from there take a taxi or rent a car. I personally recommend renting a car. Even if you want to go just for a belly vacation, there are many things to do in the area and the most convenient and cheapest option is to get around by car.

There is no direct bus from the Larnaca Airport to Protaras, so if you decide to travel by bus, you will have to change lines in the city of Larnaca and from there take another one; this whole journey will take you about 3 hours, but it is also the cheapest option.

You can search for a car in the search engine Paapm Paapm. I really like to search through them because they save me time (instead of having to go to several websites) and they have the option of filtering out non-recommended rental companies.

A special benefit for blog followers: I recommend renting a car from the company Cosmos. I got a 10% discount coupon for ordering online for my followers. To order a rental car for Cosmos (don’t forget the paid coupon code: trvbox). Complete information on car rentals in Cyprus.

Where to stay in Protaras

We have been on vacation four times in Protaras.
On three of those times we stayed at the Louis Althea Hotel, and one time at the Louis St. Elias Hotel. Both are 4-star all-inclusive hotels and we liked them both very much. Hotel Luis Altea is located near the beach. The daily routine in Louis Elias is that there are water slides for children in the pool. Both hotels are excellent and the entertainment teams are complete with the cost for the whole day and in the evening there is a mini disco for children. There are large bedrooms and living rooms that make these hotels very good options for families.

The main street in Protaras

The truth is that I was really surprised by the main street. I think it rivals the Ayia Napa area in terms of the nightlife there. Full of restaurants, cafes and a really lively atmosphere.

If you want to go out for fun in Protaras, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with its street. If you are going by car you will have to find parking right next to the fountain there (Directions).

Cruise with mermaids to the Blue Lagoon

A 3-decker yacht cruise departing from Protaras and arriving at the Blue Lagoon in Ayia Napa. The cruise starts with a story time with a fairy and a pirate and when you reach the blue lagoon you meet two mermaids. You swim with them in the water and after that you can talk to them, take pictures with them and hug them on the deck of the yacht. There is also face painting and a mini disco. The cruise’s Facebook page. Cost is 30 euros for an adult and 20 euros for a child.

The promenade in Protaras

There are restaurants and bars along the boardwalk and it is generally recommended to take a walk during sunset because it is simply magical and really calm. The promenade is very calm and there are not many people compared to the main street.

Louis Althea leads straight to the beach and the boardwalk and along the boardwalk there are many hotels.

St. Nicholas Church

A famous convention in Protaras and when you see in the picture what it looks like, you will understand why it has its fame. The small church of Saint Nicholas (Agios Nikolaos) is located on Loma Beach, right next to the picturesque fishing port of Protaras. It maintains the traditional Greek colors, white and blue, with a sea background (Directions).

Fig Tree Beach

It was ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is surely one of the most stunning in Cyprus. If you are in Protaras it’s really worth going there.

Agioi Saranta Cave Church in Protaras

It was featured in MailOnline UK’s Travel News section as one of the strangest churches to visit in the world. Arrival instructions. We went there together with Maya and Sophie and we really enjoyed the place. It’s a really quiet place at about a ten-minute drive from the hotel. There is a short climb up the stairs to the church. Maya really enjoyed exploring the church inside the mountain and the view there was lovely. There is a bench outside the cave that is just nice to sit on and enjoy the peace and beauty that can be seen from it. After that we liked taking a little walk outside the cave. I think this is a nice activity for children and adults.

Dancing fountains in Protaras

Fountain show with lights and music at 21:00 in Protaras. The show also combines a laser and fire show.
If the day is windy, it is recommended not to sit with small children in rows 1-3 because the water may splash on you. You should arrive about half an hour before the start of the show.

Buying tickets for the dancing fountains in Protaras

Luna Park in Protaras

This Luna Park is really cute and though it is smaller than the amusement park in Ayia Napa, I think it has enough facilities for the children. If you have children aged 2-7, then it is completely enough to just go to the amusement park in Protaras and you don’t need to go to Ayia Napa. But for ages 7+, Ayia Napa is better.

The amusement park has a giant wheel, roller coasters for children and adults, a horse carousel, a trampoline for high jumping, and more. Each facility costs between 2-4 tokens. 12 tokens cost 10 euros. We spent an average of 30 euros on the two girls (Maya four-and-a-half-years-old and Sophie almost two). There are several food and drink stalls there. Directions.

A restaurant in Protaras that is suitable for children

The truth is that this is a section where I have almost no recommendations because we have always stayed at all-inclusive hotels that have excellent food, so we’ve only wanted to eat at the hotel. The only restaurant we have been to is the Doma restaurant, which was a three-minute drive from Louis Elias Hotel and it turned out to be an excellent choice.

I’ll start with the fact that there is a small playground there, which is already excellent for those who come to the restaurant with children. In addition to this, the service was one of the best we’ve received in Cyprus. A fast and kind service and Maya was given a free ice cream and watermelon dessert.

We ordered a mussel dish and an avocado shrimp salad, which were really delicious. In short, a restaurant with good food and great service, so I definitely recommend it warmly.

Yellow Submarine Ayia Napa – A cruise to the blue lagoon

A cool attraction an hour-and-a-half away from the port in Ayia Napa. Goes out every day three times during the season at 10:30, 12:30, 14:30.

Getting to the port from Protaras is about 25 minutes by car. There is parking very close to the port at a cost of 3 euros (payment only in cash).

It is recommended to call and reserve a place because there is a limit to the number of people. After the start of the cruise, you go down for a 10-minute show of fish feeding by a diver. It is an area with transparent windows and you can see everything that happens under the sea level.

After about 20 minutes you reach the sea caves in Ayia Napa in the Blue Lagoon and then you can dive into the water (there is a jump at the top) or slide into the water (there is a cool slide) or simply enter the water by going down the ladder. The stop is for about an hour, which is enough to enjoy the water. You can also swim to the sea caves and explore the area there.

It is possible to buy snacks or ice creams and beer on the cruise. The cost is 15 euros for an adult and 5 euros for a child (free for children under two-years-old). Link to the main website.

Luna Park Ayia Napa Parko Paliatso

We have been many times to a Luna Park in Ayia Napa and we really like it.

The amusement park is open from 6 pm to midnight during the tourist season. The entrance is free and you can pay for each facility separately, a ticket for most facilities, or a ticket for all of them. We always prefer to pay for each facility separately because the girls can’t do around half of the facilities yet because they are too young. Aside from the facilities there are also drink and food stalls and there is also a cafeteria and all kinds of stalls for competitions to win prizes. The facilities there are mostly suitable for ages three and up, but there are also 3-4 that are suitable for two-year-olds.

There is a huge free parking lot next to the Luna Park.

Cape Greco Nature Reserve Ayia Napa

This is a stunning nature reserve that we have been to several times, which has hiking trails, picnic tables, a view of the sea (there are also many party and tour yachts there because the waters are amazing in a clear turquoise color). There is the famous bridge, the love bridge, which you may have had the chance to see pictures of in the past because you come there for photos.

Ayia Napa Water Park

There are three water parks in Cyprus. One of them is in Ayia Napa. This is a fun water park that is suitable for both children and adults. You can buy tickets at a discount through the forms website of the water park. You will find slides for all ages, various facilities for the little ones, a wave pool and more. There are food, ice cream and drink stands. They don’t allow outside food.

Buying tickets for the water park in Ayia Napa.

In conclusion, Protaras is an excellent destination for a family vacation, as well as for couples. It is beautiful and calm, with stunning beaches and good hotels. And it is just a short drive from the livelier Ayia Napa, so those who want a little more action can easily combine the two destinations.

Hope my post helped you. If so, I would very much like you to respond here in the comments, and if you have any more questions, you are also welcome to ask them there or write to me on the blog’s social networks: Facebook and Instagram.

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