Limassol for Families: Things to Do in Limassol with Kids

By: Nofar Ronen

We moved to Limassol Cyprus  in early May 2021 and since then I have managed to explore the city a lot and have found cool activities and things to do with our daughter Maya (one-and-a-half-years-old).
Despite the COVID most things are open and I’m sure there will be even more things I’ll find later. In the meantime, here’s a list of the things that are most worthwhile for you to do in Limassol with children (most of them are suitable for babies and toddlers as well as older children).

Fasouri Watermenia Water Park

Roman and I love water parks. Even before Maya joined our lives, we used to go to various water parks when we traveled the world. Of course when we found out there was one in Limassol we decided to go there with Maya and see what it would be like to go there with her.

The water park opened on June 10th and we have gone to it several times already and really enjoy it. In the park you will find water attractions that are suitable for both the little ones and the big ones.

There are several restaurants for full meals, a cafe, an ice cream stand, a Cinnabon stand (delicious dessert), a mini donut stand, and more…

The cost of food and drinks is reasonable and in addition to this there are plenty of seats, some normal pools, and also a wave pool. Our favorite attraction is the Lazy River which is a route of about 20 minutes sitting in a large tube and just sailing slowly with the water.

What we really liked about the park is that it is not crowded at all and there are no queues for the facilities; because of the COVID this is even more noticeable but even before that (from what I have heard from locals) the park was not too crowded up and can be enjoyed without waiting hours for any facility.

Opening hours change every month so it is worth checking them on the park’s website. The price for the park is around 30 euros but there is a discount now because of the Coronavirus period and the price is more towards 25 euros.

Agora Playground and an indoor Market

The Agora Playground is an amazing playground for the little ones. It is indoors and relatively new and I really like going there with Maya. There is a huge ball pool, small slides, a trampoline, an area with lots of games on the way, small cars, and more. The design is really charming and everything is clean and tidy.

There is a nice seating area for parents and you can sit there and be entertained while the little ones have fun too (for those who do not have to look after their toddler all the time like it happens to me with Maya lol).

In addition to this, the advantage of this playground is that it is located in the AGORA indoor market, so you can go out and buy food to bring with you to the seating area or eat in the complex and then return to its playground. Currently the cost there is 8 euros for two hours per child (adults do not pay). It is mandatory to bring socks (but if you forget then you can buy ones there for 1.5 euros).

Lego World Bricks4Kidz

I discovered Bricks4Kidz recently and have already been there with Maya four times already because it’s a really fun place and the owner is very charming.

This is an entire complex around a Lego theme. Downstairs you will find lots and lots of Lego games (parts that are suitable for both smaller kids and the older ones). There is a music room with a TV and you can dance there. There is a small climbing wall and a craft table.

Upstairs there is a cute restaurant where some of the food is in the shape of a… Lego 🙂 Lego hamburger bun (the color of the bun isn’t a food color but natural) and the truth is that it is very tasty. There are also nuggets and chips, ice cream, and coffee. Outside there is a large trampoline in the shape of a castle.

Although Maya is a bit too small (19-months-old) and the recommendation is for ages 3+, she really enjoys it and I find things to do with her every time. The price there is really worth it. For a child under the age of three the cost is 3 euros and for a child over that age it is 6 euros. Adults do not pay.

Yard 4 All

A dining area with a nice playground outside. There you will find a pizzeria, a hamburger place (which also has salads), sushi, a cafe, and a bar.

When the weather is not too hot, it is a great option to spend time with the children. You can be in the playground and also eat, the food there is delicious and inexpensive. Arrival instructions.

Dasoudi Beach

A perfect beach for families. There is a large playground and fenced area, games, two restaurants and a bar, and of course a tidy beach with sunbeds and umbrellas (bed costs 2.5 euros and parasol 2.5 euros).

One of the restaurants is a beach restaurant with cheap prices like French fries at 3.5 euros and ice cream at 1.5 euros. And there is a restaurant with seafood and a varied menu.

There is organized parking, which is free near the beach (so far it hasn’t happened that I couldn’t find parking there). Arrival instructions.

Promenade of the Molos Area

The promenade of Limassol is long and stretches over 15 km. Throughout most of it you will also find a bike path which is really nice because you can rent a bike (there are rental stations along the route) and ride there.

The whole boardwalk is nice but the Molos area (directions) in my opinion is the most fun. It has a lot of cafes and a very wide section of sidewalk and lawns. It also has beautiful sculptures and a playground. There’s parking next to it, which you need to pay for in the parking machines (on Sundays and holidays it is free).

My recommendation is to put the Red Cafe Limassol in Waze and enjoy the area. Arrival instructions. By the way, in Red Cafe there are very tasty pastas and great cocktails and close to it is the Nero Cafe, a cafe that we really like.

Limassol National Forest Park

We discovered this park not long ago and were really excited about it. It is located on the outskirts of Limassol in the mountainous part and therefore has a beautiful view of the city and the sea. The park is very large with lots of picnic tables, a lawn, a small playground, and there is also a cafeteria with fresh juices, coffee, and food.

Water Sports

When my nephews (ages 13 and 14) came to visit, one of the things they enjoyed the most was water sports. They did an hour sap (cost 10 euros per person) and Crazy Sofa, which is like a banana but lying down (cost 15 euros per person). I joined them for the Crazy Sofa and it was really fun. Along the coast there are many places for water sports and from what I have seen they have the same prices.

We did the water sports near the Atlantica Miramare Hotel where they also stayed. Water sports are suitable for older children but if you come with the little ones there are also speed boats or pedals that you can do with them.

Zoo and Municipal Park

The municipal park is a great place to spend time with the children. It is large and fenced with a playground and lawns as well as a small grocery store where you can also buy coffee. It is in front of the promenade so you can continue from there to a restaurant or cafe on the promenade. 

In addition to this there is the Limassol Zoo, which is a relatively small zoo but with many types of animals and it also has an aquarium and reptile area. We enjoyed hanging out there with Maya and she was very enthusiastic about the animals.

The price is very attractive: adult 5 euros, children ages five to fifteen 2 euros, and children under five are free. Regarding opening hours, it is recommended that you check the website of the Limassol Municipality.

Bubble Park

Large indoor playground with slides, an area of ​​colliding cars and motorcycles, a restaurant, and outside there are lots of trampolines and inflatables. The place is a bit crowded if you arrive in the rush of August but is usually very nice and the place is suitable for both smaller and older children.

Cafes with Playgrounds

In Limassol you will find all kinds of restaurants and cafes with playgrounds, which is a great option for those looking for a way to keep the kids busy and also enjoy food and something to drink 🙂 I go a lot with Maya to the Clock Cafe (directions) in the Germasogeia area because it is close to us. But there are many more places where you can find games like Pizza Hut, KFC, and more…

Jumbo Store

Before we moved here I didn’t understand the enthusiasm people had over the Jumbo Store, but after I was there for the first time, I understood 🙂

This is a huge store with really cheap prices and you can find every possible game there as well as household items, writing equipment, things for the sea, clothing, and more…

You can spend a couple of hours there just looking at what they have and of course filling the whole cart with everything you see (and of course one cart will not be enough). The kids can hang out there for fun (even if they want to run away they won’t succeed because this place is like a maze with only one exit :)). In short for those who come to do some shopping for the kids on the trip, this is the place to go.


In conclusion, in Limassol you will find great things to do with the kids and at a low cost. Some of the activities are also enjoyable in winter, so you can do great things with them every day of the year 🙂

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