The most recommended breakfasts and brunches in Limassol, Cyprus

By: Nofar Ronen

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast or brunch ๐Ÿ™‚ because we usually get to eat late breakfasts. Weโ€™ve had the chance to eat a lot of similar breakfasts here in Limassol, and I decided to write a detailed post so you know where you should try your next one.

You will find the best breakfasts in Limassol, recommended cafes, restaurants, and hotels with our favourite meals in this post.

La Caleta Restaurant

La Caleta Restaurant opened in December 2021. Beyond the fact that the food is great, this is a restaurant with the most beautiful view in Limassol (in my opinion). The place is located on the 8th floor of a new luxury building in the city, and has a stunning terrace with a pool and a view of the town and sea.

We ordered eggs in the nest (a special dish), pear Benedict, and potato salad with salmon. We wanted to order dessert, but we were too full. The service there is high-end and in general the atmosphere there is luxurious.

The restaurant also has business lunches and dinners. We love their burger and tarter in the business lunch.

Mixology by Punin bar restaurant

A restaurant that is open from morning until night and has excellent breakfasts. What we especially like there is the design, the service, the food and that the breakfasts include a glass of mimosa and a glass of filter coffee.

The prices of the meals range from 10-30 euros per person. The average is 20 euros per meal per person including the mimosa and coffee.

Roman really likes the rustic breakfast and I like the pear benedict. The Mixology restaurant is located right next to their wine shop Punin.

Samo restaurant

Samo Restaurant is a luxury restaurant that offers delicious breakfasts in a restaurant that is also a designer store by the sea.

We tried several dishes there and all the dishes were excellent: salmon, poached eggs and avocado spread on bread, oatmeal porridge with caramelized bananas, croissant with prosciutto and poached eggs. Breakfasts are served all day.

Columbia pier

A cafe that opened about a year ago in a great location โ€“ the center of Limassol on the sea!
It has become one of the most popular places here and many times there is a queue for it.
It has a number of breakfasts such as eggs benedict, chia pudding, croissant with omelet and moreโ€ฆ and it offers cakes, salads and sandwiches. It is suitable for those looking for something to eat for breakfast or a snack with a good coffee.

Cafe Du Sol

Cafe Du Sol is a coffee shop is constantly being updated and has become one of my favorite cafes. The food there is delicious, the prices are cheap, the staff work lovely and there is a pleasant and light atmosphere.

I really like their acai bowl and the bagel with the guacamole and egg. They also have delicious Nutella Pancakes.

Cafe Jam Limassol

We got to know the Jam Limassol cafe thanks to our local friends and the truth is that we really liked it. The breakfasts are very tasty and the sitting outside in a fun atmosphere was excellent.

The cafe is located right next to the Old Port Hotel, a boutique hotel. The dishes we really liked are the dish with avocado and poached eggs and a Greek breakfast with yogurt, chili and eggs.


CookHouse Cafe is one of the most famous in the city and is known for its good breakfasts. It is advisable to book a place, especially on weekends, because it is usually loaded. The yard there is lovely, and there are various meals that I would like to try soon. We ordered toast with avocado, tarragon, chili, and lemon with a scrambled egg and a dish of Florentine poached eggs with the addition of smoked salmon on the side. We shared the food, and both dishes were excellent.

Cafe The Shopkeeper & Co

Cafe The Shopkeeper (directions) is an excellent cafe and shop. We found it while we were walking down the street. It has only a few tables outside. I already am hoping you get a place when you arrive. There are small dishes for a snack, desserts, and excellent coffee. We ordered sandwiches with avocado, a poached egg, and banana bread. Both were tasty.

Columbia Beach restaurant

The Columbia Beach bar is located on the beach, and you can get out of it to sunbathe. In the courtyard of the restaurant, there are lawns and a pool. The restaurant is considered one of the most well-known places in Limassol that everyone comes to for breakfast or evening entertainment.

We have had the chance to be there a few times, and the dish they offer that I love is the mango tapioca bowl with berries and coconut. The bruschetta with avocado and cheese is also excellent.

Malindi Restaurant

The Malindi Restaurant is a beachfront fish place in the resort area with excellent brunches, lunches, and dinners. We ordered a sirniki dish. Itโ€™s Russian cheese pancakes and focaccia green with avocado, rocket, sherry, and poached eggs. The plates were delicious, and I liked sitting there because it was right in front of the sea.

Bakery Kafeneio

Bakery Kafeneio is a cafe that I like because it has special open toasts and varied healthy bowls. My favorite dish so far (because I order it every time) is an open toast with feta, avocado, pomegranate seeds, and honey (as you can probably notice, I am addicted to avocados). When I was there with my friend, she ordered an open toast with chickpeas, an egg, and a salad with lentils, and she said they were great.

Sir Paul Boutique Hotel

We got to sleep in the Sir Paul Hotel and went there a few times for their breakfasts. The pear Benedict dish there is tasty, as well as the dish of scrambled egg and pancakes (which we ordered for novelty when he had a birthday).

The hotel is in the old town and has a lovely courtyard and a light atmosphere.

Milk bar Cafe

The Milk bar (directions) is in the center of Limassol and is a modern cafe open from morning to night. It has indoor and outdoor seating. I liked their bagel with the salmon and avocado.

PlusSea Restaurant

The PlusSea restaurant is on the beach, and we went out to eat a Benedict pear dish with spinach, which was delicious. The brunch is not served every day, so you should call and find out when itโ€™s available.

Nero cafe

They have two branches. One is near Dsudi Beach (directions) and the other is by the sea in Molus (directions). Itโ€™s an excellent option for a light breakfast and coffee. I usually eat the feta pastry there, which is a Greek pastry like borekas but much tastier (in my opinion) and has the same thing with spinach and cheeses. There is a large selection of desserts (I love the cheese and chocolate brownies) and sandwiches and salads.

Parklane Resort

Parklane is a luxury, five-star resort, and it is the place with the best breakfast we have eaten in Limassol. They have a buffet with everything you can dream of and more. There are hard cheeses, smoked fish, specialty pastries, yogurts, pancakes, Belgian waffles, lots of fruit, salads, etc.

The price for an adult is 35 euros and for a child over the age of 3, 17.5 euros.

The Royal Apollonia Hotel

My mother stayed at The Royal Apollonia, a charming five-star hotel by the sea. We came twice to have breakfast there, which is buffet-style, varied and good. I liked this breakfast because its price was 17 euros for an adult and 9 euros for a child (from 2 to 12-years-old). The meal also includes a hot drink, and there is also sparkling wine.


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In conclusion, in Limassol you can find good places to enjoy breakfast and brunch, and I am sure I will find many more new ones to add to the list. Lucky, we moved here; that way, I have time to explore all the good places ๐Ÿ™‚

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