Recommended restaurants in Limassol

By: Nofar Ronen

We have been living in Limassol , Cyprus since May 2021 and have therefore gotten to try a lot of restaurants from different cuisines. In this list you can find recommendations for local, Asian, or Israeli restaurants, as well as budget-friendly restaurants for every pocket and those that are a little more expensive.

I’ve been planning to write this post for a long while and in the meantime more restaurants have been added to me every week. In short, now I have a long list of recommended restaurants in Limassol and I am sure that if you go to any one of them you will agree with me. So let’s start…

Local restaurants

Kissos Tavern

We discovered the Kissos Tavern by chance not long ago and have already been there three times. I’ll start with the fact that it has the most fun decor ever. A colorful Greek design with special flooring and a really pleasant atmosphere that makes you feel like you are in a small Greek village and not next to a main road in a touristy area. In addition to the stunning design, the service is really good and so is the food. We ordered a fish platter, which was excellent. Lots of dishes of seafood of all kinds and tapenades and salads. We also ordered white wine and a chocolate soufflé that was decadent and delicious. This place, in my opinion, is a must when visiting Limassol.

Kapilio Tavern

A homey local taverna that we recently discovered and really liked. This is a small restaurant located in the suburbs of Agios Tychon. The restaurant is open every day but it is recommended that you call before arriving.

We ordered a grilled fish dish that was one of the tastiest I’ve ever eaten and for a really low price of 14 euros including a starter of Greek salad, hummus spread, tahini, tzatziki and olives.

Roman also ordered lamb chops and liked them very much. For those looking for very tasty food, simply made from fresh ingredients, this is the restaurant to go. Arrival instructions.

Thymari Restaurant

A chain of Greek restaurants with grilled skewers, special pita skewers, salads and more. A great option for someone who wants delicious and fast food, and you can find many of their branches in Limassol. Directions to the branch where we eat.

Home Cypriot restaurant Η Φωλιά του Κούκου

A restaurant in the old city area that has only three homemade Cypriot dishes every day: two vegetarian ones and one meat option. Simple, homemade and authentic food. The workers there are lovely and the food is delicious and healthy. You can also order a Greek salad and drinks. And they also have a good semolina cake dessert. Directions.

High-end Greek restaurant Dionysus Mansion

We have been to the Dionysus restaurant several times and every time I am excited about their courtyard, the food and the service. The restaurant is in a commercial area, but as soon as you enter the courtyard you feel peace and quiet. We ate an excellent fish dish and a dish of ravioli with truffles (served as a starter, but you can ask that they increase its size to a main dish, at an additional cost of course). Roman also ordered bone marrow and he really liked the dish (I’m less of a fan), and the lamb chops he ordered were also excellent. In short, a Greek restaurant that is worth a visit.

Israeli restaurants

It is true that you already have Israeli meals all the time (for those who live in Israel), but these restaurants serve excellent food and there is a great atmosphere, which is why I put them on the list.

Karmela Restaurant

Karmela restaurant belongs to the charming Moran, who is a well-known figure in the world of restaurants here in Limassol. She has lived on the island for twelve years and opened the Carmela restaurant a year ago, in 2023. Only recently did I have the opportunity to go there with Roman and the truth is that we really enjoyed ourselves and raved about the food. We chose to taste the broccoli salad (it became one of my favorite salads), spicy shakshuka (it was so tasty and the truth is that I really missed real shakshuka), Jerusalem mix on a bed of hummus (they are delicious) and lamb arais (I don’t like arais but Roman really liked it). And the knapa dessert was extremely successful. The location of the restaurant is excellent, in the center of the old city. In short, a highly-recommended restaurant. Link to the restaurant website.

Pitot restaurant

Pitot is a restaurant with a fun and light Israeli atmosphere. Really tasty and satisfying dishes and what I really liked about was the sitting outside with Israeli music and the fact that there are self-serve dips and pickles. We ate a cauliflower and lentil salad that could satisfy two people, a Jerusalem mixed dish on hummus and the special of the day, Schnitzel in challah with Matbouha and salad. All the dishes were really tasty and satisfying. I felt like we ate a lot and still didn’t even finish half of the dishes. For dessert we ate amazing knapa and malabi. I was upset that I was already full from the food because they were so delicious that I wanted to eat more of them.

Kosher meat throughout Cyprus

If you keep kosher and want to order meat to the apartment you are staying in or an apartment hotel to cook yourself, then I would like to recommend Simply Kosher. They provide kosher meat with free delivery throughout Cyprus + a gift with every purchase + a special benefit for blog followers of 5% with coupon code TRVBOX. The kashrut is part of Beit Yosef slaughtering Chabad (the strictest kashrut). The delivery is the same day or max the next day.

Asian restaurants

We really love Asian food and have found some great authentic restaurants here.

Hanoi Vietnamese restaurant

The Hanoi restaurant is one of the best and most authentic Vietnamese restaurants I’ve tried. The flavors are exactly the same as the ones we had in Vietnam and they are constantly adding great new dishes. In my opinion, the most recommended ones are: the bun cha dish, composed of pork, rice noodles, green leaves and a perfect sauce with meatballs. Pho soup pho ba, the flag dish soup of Vietnam, with chunks of meat and strong flavors of the local spices. Steamed dumplings with shrimp and steamed spring rolls with shrimp. And there are many more excellent dishes like the noodles with the meat and the Tom Yum soup. In short, go there and I’m sure you’ll be delighted. Arrival instructions.

Golden Monkey Restaurant

The Golden Monkey is a Thai restaurant located in the St. Raphael Resort. This is a restaurant that we received many recommendations for and we only got to go there recently. A combination of luxurious design, excellent service and excellent food. Those who love Thai food will love this restaurant.

We ordered two starters, a soup and two mains and it was too much but everything was really tasty, so not bad :). I recommend trying their green curry with the beef – this is the dish I liked the most and also the appetizer of the steamed dumplings.

Gurkha’s Kitchen Indian and Nepalese cuisine

The truth is that I haven’t had the chance to go to Nepal, only India, but there is such a delicious Nepalese momo soup that I just got addicted to it. The noodle, paneer and curry dishes are also good, but the momo soup wins in my opinion. Arrival instructions.

Raj Tandoori Indian restaurant

Excellent restaurant for Indian food at great prices. We often order takeaway because there is a 20% discount and we order a quantity for the whole weekend. Yes, we are also addicted to Indian food. The dishes we like to order there the most are: palak paneer, a spinach stew with Indian cheese, malai kofta, balls of Indian cheese in a thick sauce, butter paneer, a stew with creamy tomato sauce and Indian cheese, dal daal, a lentil stew. We always order the dishes with jeera rice (rice with cumin seeds) and Indian garlic pita naan with garlic. Arrival instructions.

Kalimera Indian restaurant

In this Indian restaurant you will find dishes from South India ,and my favorite dish there is the masala dosa Indian crepe filled with potato and with coconut chutney sauce. Yum yum. Arrival instructions.

Mediterranean restaurants

Sands Beach Club-Resto

The Sands Beach restaurant is the place for food and drinks with a stunning view of the beach and the sea. A vacation-type atmosphere and really good food. Sometimes we go there just for wine and sometimes for food, too. The shrimp dish is amazing as well as the bass. If you are looking for a restaurant that will give you the feeling of a summer vacation, this is definitely the place.

Columbia Beach restaurant

The Columbia Beach restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Limassol. A restaurant that is excellent thanks to its breakfast, lunch, dinner and entertainment. It has everything from everything. Seating on the grass near the beach, seating inside, fun atmosphere with a view of the sea and delicious food. There are also cocktails, soft drinks, hot drinks and on weekends there is also a DJ. For breakfast, I really like their tapioca dish, and the avocado and burrata cheese sandwich. At lunch or dinner their sushi and burger trio.

It is recommended to reserve seats in advance

Malindi bar restaurant

The Malindi restaurant is on the beach and has excellent food. The service is a bit lacking but beyond that the restaurant is excellent and we always enjoy the food. We generally have a perfect seafood pasta and also mussels in a winning sauce. There are also excellent brunches: we have had focaccia with poached eggs and avocado and sirniki (Russian cheese pancake) and we liked both dishes very much. They have a large selection of dishes for breakfast and lunch and dinner.

Bar restaurants

Restaurant Bar Da Vinci

The Da Vinci restaurant-bar is in the old city in a magical location. You will find seating outside, inside, and up on the balcony. In addition, there are karaoke rooms (which I didn’t get to try :)). There is also the option of ordering hookah for those who like it. The food is really delicious and the cocktails are great (I really liked the spicy Russian cocktail). For food, we ordered bao buns with pork, chicken skewers in espresso and mashed truffles. Everything was great.

Bar du Soleil

Bar du Soleil is a bar located in the marina area. It is one of the best bars in the city, with fun music and a good atmosphere right in the port. I included it in the post because it is also suitable as a place for a dinner with alcohol or just to spend the evening.

It is recommended to make a reservation because it is always full.

The spicy margarita is really good and so are the nachos.

Chesters Bar Restaurant

If you are looking for a meat restaurant with a fun atmosphere then Chesters Bar Restaurant will suit you perfectly. They have excellent steaks and really tasty lamb chops and the truth is that their dreamy avocado quinoa salad is also great. Maya really likes their spaghetti Bolognese. The restaurant is part of a complex of other restaurants, so if you want to sit there and order sushi, for example, then you can ask for the menu of the Zen restaurant (a highly recommended Japanese restaurant) and there is also an Indian restaurant in the complex. In short, this is a complex of restaurants where you can find food for the whole family and it is located in the area of the 5-star resorts in Limassol.

Draught Microbrewery Bar Restaurant

The Draught Microbrewery restaurant is located in the old city in a lively area. There are great burgers there! Great service and really tasty children’s dishes. Maya and Sophie flew over the spaghetti bolognese. The hamburger is served with potato wedges with a delicious seasoning. They also have delicious cocktails and a selection of beers.

Gourmet restaurants

TIO Restaurant

TIO Restaurant is a modern Mexican Mediterranean restaurant. A new chef restaurant that opened in November 2023 and is located in the old city.

We discovered the restaurant by chance while wandering around the old city and its straightforward design intrigued us. And it turned out that it was an excellent decision to enter the restaurant. This is a chef’s restaurant with a limited menu (I like this the most because this way you can order most of the dishes from the menu).

For starters we ordered a sea bass dish, an octopus dish with avocado, a shrimp salad with mango and quinoa, and smoked corn. All the starters were amazing and special. For the main dish we ordered spareribs. I don’t like fatty meat so the dish was more for Roman. But there were some parts without fat that were excellent. I personally liked the starters the most. In addition, the cocktails were really good and the service at a high level. In short, if you are looking for a restaurant for a fun date, this is the place for you.

The Garden restaurant

The Garden restaurant is very close to our house and we just fell in love with it. The decor is luxurious, with excellent service and of course the food goes accordingly. I really like the sushi and the tom yum gong soup is one of the best we’ve had. The risotto dish is excellent and so is the Carpaccio. The restaurant serves food from different cuisines, so you can find Russian food, Thai food, Japanese food, and Mediterranean food; in short, everyone can find an excellent dish there. In addition they have a very large menu of wines as well as tea and a wide variety of desserts. If you are looking for a gourmet restaurant with value for money, I think this one will suit you perfectly.

Portuguese coffee restaurant

Sunday in Lisboa is a concept store that opened at the end of December 2023 and inside there is a Portuguese coffee restaurant. We were really excited about the place because of the service, the design, the food and the wine. They have a varied menu of salads, sandwiches, pastas and cheese platters and sausages. We ordered the Lisboa sandwich there, which I thought was a bit greasy, but my friend liked it very much. Jamon sausage sandwich that Roman loved, goat cheese salad that we all loved and truffle ravioli pasta that was simply excellent. We ordered the first wine from the white wine list which is tart and light and we all raved about it. In addition, they serve there one of my favourite desserts, Pastel de Nata, a type of creme borla in a pastry. If you haven’t tried this dessert yet, you must. In short, we really liked the place.

Bonus for blog followers

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Link to Roni’s WhatsApp for contact

If you book a “private trip” for a family, or a small group, Roni will make for you a “detailed plan for a sightseeing day, with a culinary emphasis”, in Paphos, or Larnaca, or Limassol, including warm recommendations! Such a program costs 50 – 40 euros normally, but you will get it for free.
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In conclusion, you can find many good restaurants in Limassol, but it requires research beforehand. I hope my post can help you find delicious and special restaurants in Limassol. Of course, there are many more places that I haven’t tried yet, but don’t worry, I’ll update the post every time and add more recommended restaurants.

I hope my post helped you. If so, I would very much like you to respond here in the comments, and if you have any more questions, then you are also welcome to ask them in the comments or on the blog’s social networks: Facebook and Instagram. Looking for more information about Limassol ? I have in the blog more posts about Limassol and posts about Cyprus.

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