Recommended hotels and resorts in Limassol

By: Nofar Ronen

In May 2021, we moved to Limassol, Cyprus and we got to go to a lot of hotels in Cyprus and in Limassol in particular.

In the city of Limassol there are many excellent hotels that go from cheap to very expensive price ranges. In general, this city is the most expensive in Cyprus and is about a 50-minute drive from Larnaca and 45 minutes from Paphos. It does not have an airport but it can be reached by taxi, rental car or bus from the airports in Larnaca and Paphos.

It is the most modern city in Cyprus and you can find good restaurants, beautiful beaches, the largest casino in Europe (in the City of Dreams hotel), various attractions for children, great breakfasts, cafes, shops, water sports, a beautiful promenade and, above all, a lot of relaxing.

A table for comparing the hotels in Limassol

Hotel’s nameHow many stars?is it all inclusive ?Is it has a kids club?Is it has an indoor pool?Is it has outdoor pools?Is it close to the sea?Price range
Parklane5No. can be half boardYesYesYesYesExpensive
City of dreams
resort with casino
5No. can be half boardYesYesYesYesExpensive
St raphael5YesYesYesYesYesMedium budget
Crowne Plaza4No. can be half boardNoYesYesYesMedium budget
Royal apollonia5yesYesYesYesYesExpensive
Amara5No. can be half boardYesYesYesYesExpensive
NYX4B&BNoNoRooftop poolIn frontMedium budget
Amathus5No. can be half boardYesYesYesYesExpensive
S paul4B&BNoNoNoNo but close to itMedium budget
Harmony bay3No. can be half boardNoNoYesYesCheap
Atlantica Miramare4yesNoYesYesYesCheap 
Four seasons5No. can be half boardYesYesYesYesExpensive

Map of the recommended hotels in Limassol

Recommended hotels and resorts in Limassol to go to with children 

For me, it is most convenient to be with the children in all-inclusive hotels, but there are some hotels in Limassol that are great with children even if they are not all-inclusive. Some of them have amazing children’s clubs and in some the convenience is the pool and the proximity to the beach along with the affordable prices. 

Which hotels are all-inclusive in Limassol? St. Raphael Resort, Royal Apollonia Hotel and Atlantica Miramare Hotel.

Are there any hotels with a water park in Limassol? No. There are hotels with small slides in the toddler pool like in Parklane and Royal Apollonia, and there is a fairly large slide for children at the Four Seasons.

5-star hotels in Limassol

Parklane Resort

In my opinion, Parklane is one of the best resorts in Cyprus, it is a hotel that combines luxury and the possibility of an experience with the children. It is a 5-star resort and the service there is at the highest level and the rooms are very pampering (there are really comfortable beds). The food is excellent (we were there on a half-board basis and both breakfast and dinner were excellent). There is an indoor heated pool and a spa with a gym.

One of the things I liked about this hotel is their children’s club, which is actually a large complex with Omega facilities for children and even a toddler pool with several small slides. In addition there is an indoor area with games for babies and creative rooms and games for children. Children over the age of 3 can be left there under the supervision of the workers there and they contact the parents when the child wants to leave.

In my opinion, it is a perfect hotel for those who come with children while it is also a perfect hotel for couples because it has a luxurious and calm feeling.

It is important to know that the resort is located in the resort area of Limassol, which means that it is located on a beach strip that is relatively remote from the center and the old town.To get to the center of Limassol or the old town you will need to take a taxi (a 20-minute ride) or a bus (there is a bus stop outside the hotel and from there you will need to take line 30 – a ride of about half an hour). Of course, if you rent a car, then you can travel with it.

To book the Parklane Hotel and more opinions about it

St. Raphael Resort

St. Raphael Resort is a 5-star resort located in the Pygros area where Perklane Resort is located. The resort has several pools, one of which has a bar in the water. There are lawns, a spa (of a very high level), a good breakfast, a gym, an indoor pool, a children’s club (suitable for children aged 4-12), spacious rooms, and excellent service. It has an amazing Thai restaurant called Golden Monkey. You can stay at the hotel on a breakfast basis or all-inclusive.

The big advantage of this resort, in my opinion, is the price. Its price is relatively cheap compared to all the other 5-star resorts. If you are looking for a vacation at an affordable price then it can suit you.

I wrote an extended post about this resort

To book the St. Raphael Resort and other opinions

A 5-star holiday at a stunning resort in Limassol - Traveling outside the box

City of Dreams Resort

City of Dreams is a new luxury resort that opened in the summer and there is a lot of buzz around it because it has the biggest casino in Europe. This is a huge resort with several types of pools (such as one with sea sand) and a rope park. There is a big kids’ club there.

This is a 5-star resort but I have heard conflicting opinions about the level of service there. We haven’t had the chance to stay there yet, but it was important for me to write about it as an option because it has become one of the most sought-after hotels in Cyprus among Israelis.

The resort is located in the area of the mall in Limassol. It is relatively far from the old city, but by taxi or bus line 30 (which departs from the mall) you can reach the marina area and the old city. The resort is close to a strip of beaches called Lady’s Mile where there are restaurants on the beach with a very cool atmosphere.

To book the City of Dreams Resort and more opinions about it

Royal Apollonia Hotel

The Royal Apollonia Hotel was renovated a year ago. We happened to be there before the renovation and even then we had really liked it, but the renovation really upgraded it, however it also increased its price. So now it is among the most expensive hotels in Limassol. You can order it on a breakfast basis or all-inclusive.
The rooms there are pampering, there is a spa, an indoor pool, a gym, outdoor pools (a baby pool and one with a bar), three restaurants, a tennis court, and a kids’ club.
The hotel is in the area of the Harmony Bay and Atlantica Miramare hotels, so what I wrote about their location is also relevant to it.

To book the Royal Apollonia Hotel and other opinions

Amathus Beach Hotel

The Amathus Hotel is one of the most prestigious hotels in Limassol and in my opinion it is the competitor of Parklane; in both the service is of a very high level, both are very suitable to go with children because of a very worthwhile children’s club, delicious food and pampering rooms. There is a spa, gym, indoor pool and outdoor pools. The location of the Amathus Hotel is closer to the center of Limassol compared to Parklane but it is still quite remote so you need to get there by taxi or bus.

To book the Amathus Hotel and more opinions about it

Four Seasons Hotel

The Four Seasons Hotel is a prestigious 5-star hotel. It has a cafe that we really like, colors cafe, and it has two reputable chef restaurants. There is a beach next to it with beach games for children and a modern playground.

It has a children’s club for ages 3-8 and youth activities. It has a pool with a slide outside and babysitting services. Of course, it also has a spa, a gym, and an indoor pool. It has an adults-only pool and an ice room.

To book the Four Seasons Hotel and more opinions about it

Amara Hotel

The Amara Hotel is a 5-star hotel that opened in recent years and is extremely luxurious. Many celebrities choose to stay there. Its location is in Pygros, near Parklane and St. Raphael. Its design reminds me of a luxury hotel in Thailand. It is definitely something special and there is a reason why people are passionate about it. I felt that it is less suitable to go with small children and only for older ones because it feels too quiet and too luxurious for those who make noise and messes 🙂 But it has a children’s club for ages 4-12 and an afternoon club for ages one-and-a-half to 4. It has chef restaurants, an infinity pool, spa, gym, and indoor pool.

To book the Amara Hotel and more opinions about it

4-star hotels in Limassol

Crowne Plaza Hotel

The Crowne Plaza Hotel is a 4-star hotel in a great location in Limassol. Near the beach and close to the center of Limassol. The hotel is also near one of the most famous restaurants in Limassol, Columbia Beach, which is also suitable for evening entertainment.

The hotel does not have a children’s club or an entertainment team for children.

It has a spa (excellent massages), gym, indoor pool, saunas, outdoor pool and it has its own beach strip with a Mediterranean restaurant and an Asian restaurant. The breakfast there is relatively simple, but it has everything you need, including pancake and omelet stations. From there you can also get to the old city by bus line 30 or walk (about a 30-minute walk).

To book the Crowne Plaza Hotel and other opinions about it

Hotel Atlantica Miramare

Hotel Atlantica Miramare is a 4-star hotel. It is in a great location near the beach and near many restaurants and cafes. The hotel is relatively outdated in terms of the rooms, but the facilities are great. It has an adult pool, a baby pool and a pool for everyone with a swim-up bar. It has a spa, gym, saunas, indoor pool and restaurant.

You can order it on an all-inclusive basis or only with breakfast included. The beach next to it has water sports.
The hotel does not have a children’s club or an entertainment team for children.

The recommended restaurants near it are Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant, La Caleta Restaurant and Garden Restaurant. And if you are looking for bars, it is close to the Rumors Bar and Guaba and Breeze clubs.

This hotel is also close to the bus station and with line 30 you can reach the old city.
When my older sister comes with her children (ages 10-20) they go to this hotel because of the affordable price and proximity to water sports.

To book the Atlantica Miramare Hotel and more opinions about it

3-star hotels in Limassol

Harmony Bay Hotel

The Harmony Bay Hotel is a 3-star hotel that is suitable for those looking for a cheap place with a pool by the sea. It has very spacious rooms that are suitable for those who come with children and it has a gym.
The hotel does not have a children’s club or an entertainment team for children.

Breakfast and dinner are both buffet and simple meals. There is a restaurant bar in the hotel with Mediterranean food. The hotel is close to Atlantica Miramare so all the restaurants and bars I mentioned above are also relevant to this hotel.

You can order it on a breakfast or half board basis.
To book the Harmony Bay Hotel and other opinions about it

Boutique hotels in Limassol

S Paul Hotel

The S Paul Hotel is located in the old city in a charming location that is close to many restaurants, bars, cafes and a fun atmosphere in the evening. The hotel itself is a relatively new hotel with a restaurant bar and pleasant rooms (comfortable beds). They have indulgent breakfasts and I wrote about their breakfast in a post about worthwhile breakfasts in Limassol.

The hotel is mainly suitable for couples.

To book the S Paul Hotel and more opinions about it

NYX Hotel

The NYX Hotel is a new and beautiful 4-star hotel with a cool and fun design. Located in an excellent site in the old city near the marina (close to the S Paul Hotel I mentioned above). The hotel has a stunning pool on the roof (suitable for summer) and note that the pool is relatively small and without many seats. The hotel has a gym, an Asian restaurant, and a Mediterranean restaurant. The breakfast there (buffet) is really good. It is a high-class Israeli-style breakfast with a large selection of salads, eggs such as shakshuka, pies, pastries, fresh fruit and more.

To book a NYX Hotel and other opinions

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In conclusion, there are many recommended hotels in Limassol. There are all-inclusive hotels, luxury hotels, resorts and recommended hotels with children, as well as charming boutique hotels. Limassol is suitable for a backpacking vacation as well as a star destination for a trip to all of Cyprus because it is between Larnaca and Paphos and also an hour’s drive to the Troodos Mountains.

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