Village of Pano Lefkara in Cyprus: a magical family vacation 

By: Nofar Ronen

One of the things we love most about Cyprus is the ability to visit magical villages within a short driving distance. Since we moved to Cyprus (in May 2021) we have stayed in three different villages – the picturesque village of Calabasos, a village in the Troodos Mountains, and now in the village of Pano Lefkara.

Every time we visit, we discover how humble and charming the people in these villages are and how special and colorful the architecture is. The village of Pano Lefkara is one of the most touristic villages in Cyprus, but still retains its charm (especially during off-season) and we really enjoyed our vacation there

Details about the village of Pano Lefkara

It is one of the most famous and most visited villages in Cyprus and it is located in the province of Larnaca. It was known for its stunning architecture and for the tradition of producing lace and silver products, all handmade. Lefkara is the name of an area in Cyprus and it has three villages all next to each other. The largest village among them is Pano Lefkara, which is where we stayed. Pano means above because it is the upper village and there is Kato (below) to Pakra, which is the lower village. You can reach Kato by foot. The village has many cafes, restaurants and shops with local produce.

Where to sleep in the village of Lefkara 

A charming boutique hotel with a perfect view

In April 2022, we stayed at the Archontiko Kiverniti hotel for two nights with Maya, who was three-and-a-half years old and Sophie who was six months old. The location of the hotel is pastoral with a magical view of the mountains. It is a family boutique hotel with a homely and pleasant atmosphere. There is a restaurant that serves food all day (the accommodation was based on breakfast, which was good). The hotel has a pool (we didn’t get to try it because it was too cold in April). The distance to the center of the village is a 10-minute walk (maybe even less) and it is a path in nature that is really fun to walk with children.

To book the hotel Archontiko Kiverniti and other opinions

 B&B in the heart of Lefkara village 

We booked an apartment, or in Israel’s terms, a Zimmer 🙂 in a charming apartment complex in the center of the village of Iosiphis Stonebuilt House. The complex has apartments with one or two bedrooms. We booked a two bedroom apartment because it is convenient for us and Maya to each have our own room. The price was cheap, 68 euros. And when we arrived it turned out that the whole complex was full for that weekend and it wasn’t even the peak of the season yet (so I recommend booking places in advance as early as possible). The apartment had a fully equipped kitchen (with a coffee machine and capsules and a pop-up toaster).

The apartment had an air conditioner in every room and in the living room as well as a new heating system (which unfortunately did not work when we arrived because it was new and they had not had time to install it yet). I recommend in the winter to find out in advance if the heating is working because the air conditioner on heat is very drying.

Beyond the apartment itself, the complex has a private parking lot and its highlight is the stunning yard. We sat there drinking coffee and in the morning we preferred to prepare breakfast in the apartment and sit in the yard than go to a cafe.

To book the B&B and other opinions

Where to eat in the village: recommended restaurants and cafes in Pano Lefkara

Lefkara Biscuit Cafe

We were really excited about this place because it has desserts that are baked on the premises and are really delicious. We tried the apple pie that had just been pulled out of the oven (there was also a chocolate pie) and we had rice pudding that Mayush flew over, as well as coffee.

The seating is outside on the sidewalk and the atmosphere is really nice. I highly recommend trying their cakes. Arrival instructions

Cafe House 1923

House 1923, a very cute cafe with outdoor and indoor seating. I went there with Mayush on a date and we really enjoyed ourselves. I ordered a cappuccino and Maya a hot chocolate (I made sure it was lukewarm and not too hot for her) and we ordered an apple pie, which was very good. The employees were really nice and, in short, it was a great place to sit for coffee.

Pavilion Restaurant

I think this is a good restaurant for those who come with children because the service is fast and the prices are good. Basically we wanted to go to another tavern we were in a few years ago which was really good, but it was closed so we went to Pavilion. We ordered a Greek salad, chicken breast and beef meatballs there. The dishes were good, just nothing special. Arrival instructions.

There are a lot of cafes in the village that looked really good and we didn’t get to try them, so my recommendation is to walk around the and just try the places you see because most of them get great reviews.

What to do in the village of Pano Lefkara and the surrounding area

Wander in the village

Well, you obviously have to wander around the village, and if you like photography, be prepared to take a lot of pictures because it’s really beautiful there. The village is not big but the architecture in it is so lovely and it has many shops and cute corners as well as many cafes with local produce. In short, you can walk around there for hours because every time you sit down for a coffee or go into a store or take pictures. In one of the alleys in front of the Adamos restaurant we also found a stand that offered fresh pomegranate juice which was really successful, so if you see the stand is open, it is worth trying this juice.

Lefkara dam

The dam is a 15-minute drive from the village and is really beautiful. There are places where you can stop with your car and even go down by foot. Entry into the water is prohibited and fishing is only permitted to those who have a fishing license. It’s really nice to drive around and stop at different viewpoints. Arrival instructions.

 Terra Oliva Organic Olive Farm

We came to this farm by chance just thanks to a sign we saw on the road and the truth is that it was one of the highlights of the vacation. We were so enthusiastic about the place that we will surely return to it again. A combination of a crazy landscape, local produce on the purity of the olives that was delicious and lovely people.

When we got there Mayush fell asleep in the car so Roman and I could sit quietly outside and enjoy the view and try the products they sell at the farm. The owner brought us different olives to taste, three types of olive oil, olive tapenades and bread. Of course also coffee.

When Mayush woke up we went into the store and tasted many types of jams, spreads (both sweet and salty) and even alcohol and everything from the olive tree. Everything was so delicious that we found ourselves buying half the store. lol Not really because they offer a lot of products, but we bought 112 euros worth of things (2 types of olive oil, 2 olive tapenades, 2 jams, 2 spreads, whole olives, cut olives, and more). Of course, Mayush also enjoyed walking around the farm area and seeing an 800-year-old olive tree.

In conclusion, the vacation in Lefkara was even more successful than expected. We were in this village 4 years ago and had forgotten how beautiful it is. The dam and the olive farms were an excellent addition to the vacation. We found out that there is a village nearby with a recommended breakfast (but you have to book a few days in advance) and a special monastery.

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