Salt lakes in Sibiu, Romania Ocna Sibiului – A healing experience for body and mind

By: Nofar Ronen

When we arrived in Sibiu, Romania the weather was very hot, around 32 degrees (Middle of August). We found a cheap flight to Sibiu and stayed at an Airbnb apartment (Coupon for 30-euro discount on your first booking). Since we had a seven-day trip planned, we decided it would be a good idea to look for a water-related activity, and after a bit of research found Ocna Sibiului. It is a resort with salt and mud lakes. The water is 5 times saltier than usual (Less than the dead sea) and the place is known for its healing properties, regarding both the salt water and the mud.

This sounded like a good option to us and we decided to go there.

A bit of info about Ocna Sibiului

Also called “Transylvania’s beach”, this local’s resort is located 17 km away from Sibiu. The area is surrounded by hills covered in oak tree woods.

How to reach Ocna Sibiului’s salt lakes

We rented a car through RentalCars website, from the Autonom company. The drive there is relatively short from the city, we arrived within 25 minutes. You may also get a taxi there for about 50 Leu in each direction, which is another good option. Map.

Who are the lakes suitable for?

Everyone. We’ve seen families with kids and infants, as well as elderly and young people.

What’s the cost of entrance?

We paid 25 Lei per adult.

Where do you park?

If you come by vehicle, there are many parking spots by the entrance. Parking is 5 Lei a day, which is really cheap, and finding a spot is not a problem there. Some parked at the side of the road.

What can you find at Ocna Sibiului?

There are several salt lakes, as well as mud lakes (All lakes have mud on the bottom, but two of them have shallow water and lots of mud, there you rub the mud on yourself). There are many food and dessert stalls, such as crepe and ice-cream and areas with prepared food. There are also lawns with many tanning beds. There are stalls selling towels, mattresses, oboe and more.
There are also vacation homes for rent, in case you want to spend a few days there.

Tip: It’s recommended to arrive early, before all the reclining chairs are in use. We arrived at around 11 and everything was already taken.
Another tip: if you rub yourself with mud, you’ll have to shower at the locker rooms before going into the regular lakes (Or you’ll be scolded). It’s recommended to come with a bathing suit already on.

Our experience at Ocna Sibiului

At first, when we got there, we were a bit shocked. The place was crowded (Despite it being the middle of the week), and most people were locals. We couldn’t find any available seats and didn’t have our bathing suits on either, so we decided to look for locker rooms to change. When we got over the initial shock, we decided to go to the farthest lake, which we noticed was less crowded. As soon as we entered the water, we enjoyed it so much we immediately forgot our recoil. You can easily float, and since the waters are calm and less salty than the dead sea, you can spend hours in them.

At some point we left the water and went to find some food. There were many options of food and many shaded sitting areas.
There is also a drinks bar where we got fresh grapefruit and orange juice. The prices are really reasonable and a lunch consisting of a main dish with a side of soup cost around 30 Lei. A crepe cost 5 Lei and a freshly squeezed juice cost 10 Lei.

Notes about Ocna Sibiului

Don’t be frightened by the fact that the place is crowded by locals, despite there being many people – it was still very quiet and relaxing, we spent a full day in the water and around it and had a great time. A recommended experience for everyone and only a short distance from Sibiu.

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