Cafes and restaurants in Bucharest you don’t want to miss

By: Nofar Ronen

Bucharest is a modern city that is filled with many things to do and cool cafes, restaurants and bars that are extremely cool. You will find restaurants with all kinds of foods and you will have a great culinary experience.

A restaurant with a lake view Greek, Indian and Romanian cuisine- Biutiful

I love going to restaurants with beautiful views, and this one did not disappoint. It’s located in Herăstrău Park, right in front of the lake. Its decor is magnificent, like nothing I’ve ever seen. The place looks like a boat, and the food as well as service are at a really high quality! The prices are a bit more expensive than the other places we’ve eaten at, but it’s definitely worth the experience and the great food.

We went there for a late lunch and we got a nice view of the lake. The food is a mixture between the Greek, Indian, and Romanian cuisines. We ordered a chicken tandoori dish, zucchini with tzatziki, beef patties, and Indian naan. The food was delicious and dishes were light and appetizing. I’m sure that in dinner time the place is fuller and is really vibrant.

Șoseaua Nordului 3, București, Romania
Tuesday-Sunday 12:00-12:00, Monday 15:00-02:00

Japanese restaurantHiro Sushi

We really like Japanese food, especially soups and sushi, so we knew in advance that we wanted to go to get some in Bucharest, also because the prices are quite low.
I made a small research about Japanese food and I found a good one that serves ramen named Hiro Sushi. The location was great because it was right next to the spa where I got a massage.

We went for dinner and got a nice table outside. The waiter was really nice and he explained all about the menu. We ordered some ramens. Roman ordered his with pork and I got mine with shrimp. He got the large one, of course, and I got the regular size 🙂 We also ordered a sushi roll with mango, it was my first time trying out mango with sushi and it was amazing. As well as a sushi sandwich and salmon sashimi.

The large soup ended up being a huge soup, but don’t worry about Roman, he ate it till the last bite. The soups were delicious, not as strong as a ramen usually is, but regardless really good. The sushi plate and sashimi was really impressive. We had to finish with some dessert and we ordered some ice cream, but it was huge and we couldn’t finish everything. The quality was good and we really enjoyed our dinner. The bonus is that it was one of the cheapest Japanese restaurants I ever came across.

Intrarea Tudor Ștefan 25, București
Tuesday-Friday 15:00-22:00, Saturday-Sunday 12:00-22:00 and Monday closed

An amazing cafe with incredible coffee – Origo

If you are a coffee lover, which I know I am, then you’re not going to want to miss this place. We rented an Airbnb apartment and we found this place because it’s in the neighborhood. I think it’s one of the places with the kindest service I’ve ever came across. They have a large variety of coffees and they also serve some unique flavors.

We got an iced coffee that was really refreshing with some lemon and soda. I know it sounds crazy but it was actually really good. We also got an iced latte which was amazing. We ordered some banana bread to snack on, it must be one of my favorites in Romania. The waitress told us that they were planning on opening a place that will also serve food. You should definitely try out this place.

Strada Lipscani 9, București
Monday – Friday 7:30 – 19:00, Saturday – Sunday 09: 00-19:00

A chill coffee place – Acuarela

We went here based on the recommendation that we got from our graffiti tour guide. We actually went there straight after the tour. It’s the kind of place you fall in love with as soon as you step inside. The decor is super awesome, and there are really unique and chill kind of vibes. The tables are outside and there are a couple of areas to sit at. This place reminded me of Ruins Pub in Budapest.

They have a watercolor palette in each table to encourage the creativity of the people. The menu offers local beers, lemonades in various kinds, and a lot of other summer and winter drinks.

It was the chic, kinda homey vibes with some shade from the sun that made us feel like we were really on a break from everything, and we love the feeling of vacation.  I ordered some cold ginger lemonade and Roman ordered a tea.

Strada Polonă, București
Tuesday-Thursday 12:00-23:00, Friday-Saturday 12:00-00:00, Sunday 12:00-23:00, Monday 14:00-23:00

A bar restaurant with good and cheap food – District

The area of the ancient city is filled with restaurants, cafes, and bras. Throughout the entire day you’ll find some good places with great vibes to eat and drink at. We usually try local restaurants, but after a few days of just Romanian food, we decided to go for something a little different.

This place had a menu with a wide variety and some really low prices. The cheapest meal is during the lunch special. Roman got the lunch special which was a chicken breast and chicken soup. I ordered some Thai rice with vegetables, and in addition we got a pasta with cream and salmon (per usual, Roman was hungry.)

The food was delicious and I really liked what I ordered. The pasta with salmon and cream was a bit too heavy, and the chicken soup was fantastic. If you are looking for some great and cheap food, or even a place to eat at after a night out then this is your place.

Strada Sfântul Dumitru 3, București
Sunday – Wednesday 09:00 – 00:00, Thursday – Saturday 09: 00-04:00

Recommended local restaurants

During the tour we got of the city, the guide recommended 2 restaurants that are always packed with locals and tourists as well. Unfortunately we never got a chance to check it out. I decided to write it anyways for you guys, just let me know if it was as good as I think it is. It’s recommended to book in advance because we tried going but we couldn’t get a table. They are called: Caru’ cu Bere and Hanul lui Manuc.

In addition, I decided to do some research and find out which other restaurants are recommended in Bucharest so that the next time I’m there I can try them. I decided to also write to you the restaurants we didn’t try and I would love to hear what you thought of them if you try them.

Fast food cheap restaurant – EggsMania

A simple fast food restaurant that has been around for over 15 years. There are sandwiches, salads, hamburgers, French crapes (sweet or savory toppings) and more. Suitable for both breakfast and lunch and just for a quick food if you are in a hurry. The prices are affordable and the portions are large. Their speciality are the eggs sandwiches.

I got a recommendation for this restaurant from a friend who was in Romania with his family and his children loved this restaurant. The ladies who run this place were super nice with the kids and they enjoyed it. Keep in mind that the eggs sandwich is huge so you may want to split it!

Opening Hours
The restaurant is closed on Sundays
Saturday 08:00-15:00
Monday-Friday 08:00-16:30

Strada Ion Câmpineanu 3a
Arrival instructions

A restaurant with a city view on the 36th floor – Nor Sky Casual Restaurant

It is recommended to arrive at sunset or during the day. The restaurant itself receives controversial reviews regarding the level of food and service.
I think it’s best to go there for a cocktail or wine (the cocktails get good reviews) and for the view. It is recommended to reserve a place in advance

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 12:00-00:00
Saturday and Sunday 10:00-00:00

Str. Barbu Văcărescu 201
Arrival instructions
Reservation at the restaurant

Modern Romanian cuisine chef restaurant – Kaiamo

A restaurant with a tasting menu of modern Romanian cuisine. The reviews praise the food and service. You can order a tasting meal of 9 courses or 11 courses or 15 courses or 20 courses. The prices range from 106 euros for 9 dishes to 160 euros for 20 dishes. You can order for an additional fee an accompaniment of wines or cocktails for each course.

The restaurant was chosen among the 3 best restaurants in Romania and according to the good reviews it seems that there is a good reason for this. You need to reserve a place in advance.

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Friday 18:00-23:00
Saturday 12:00-16:00 and 18:00-23:00
Sunday Monday closed

30A, Strada Ermil Pangrati Street
Arrival instructions
Reservation for a restaurant

Italian restaurant – Trattoria Mezzaluna

An Italian restaurant that gets a lot of good reviews. Excellent food, courteous service, and everything is clean and tasty.
Standard of a luxury restaurant at fair prices.

Opening Hours
Every day 11:30-22:30

Strada Crăciun 3
Arrival instructions

A vegan restaurant – Sara Green 

A vegan restaurant with a varied menu such as hamburgers, salads, tortillas, desserts and more.
Fair prices. There are a lot of good reviews about the burgers so I think it’s worth a try.

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 10:00-20:30
Saturday 11:30-20:30
Sunday 11:30-19:30

Bulevardul Lascăr Catargiu 43A
Arrival instructions

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