Cruise with mermaids in Protaras, Cyprus

By: Nofar Ronen

Maya and I went to a cool attraction in Protaras on a cruise with mermaids. The cruise was almost 3-hours-long (it was written that it would be 2 hours but it was longer ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

Cruise with mermaids in Protaras, Cyprus - Traveling outside the box

The start of the cruise

The cruise left the port in Protaras. The exact location was sent to us a few days before it.
We arrived a few minutes before the start of the cruise and were greeted by Tinkerbell.
Maya and I walked around the deck a bit and waited for the activity to start.
The activity started during story time, when we were told about the mermaids and the treasure.

The operators let the children look for clues and read them. The activity was about half an hour, until we arrived at the Blue Lagoon.

Meeting the mermaids in the Blue Lagoon of Ayia Napa

When we got to the Blue Lagoon we looked for the mermaids. In the end we saw them on the rocks and they swam towards us.

We went down and swam with them in the water (I brought buoys to Maya but they also brought them in the boat). The water was really clear and we got to talk to the mermaids.

When we got back up, it was possible to get a face-paint at a cost of 5 euros and we could also sit on the deck with the mermaids and talk to them. I recommend getting on the boat before everyone else does to get the face painting pretty quickly (afterwards thereโ€™s a pretty long line) and then thereโ€™s time to go talk and take pictures with the mermaids (Maya was alone with them for about ten minutes because everyone was waiting in line for the face painting).

The meeting with the mermaids was around 40 minutes.

Additional sailing activities

We said goodbye to the mermaids and then continued with a short tour of the lagoon, afterwards there was a mini disco. The mini disco was upstairs on the yacht and the truth was that it was really funny because some of the fathers also participated (after their children forced them).

  • The cost of the cruise, times and more
  • The activity is in English
  • The cost is 30 euros per adult and 20 euros per child
  • I think it is suitable for ages 4-9
  • The cruise leaves every Saturday at two oโ€™clock in Protaras in the summer
  • It is possible to buy drinks on the boat and there is a light refreshment of pastries after the swim
  • You should bring a towel, sunscreen and swimwear
  • You can contact the Facebook page of the cruise to book it

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