Luxurious coffee and cake experience in a private Ferris wheel cabin in Vienna

By: Nofar Ronen

Before going on our Vienna trip, I looked up what sorts of special attractions the city has to offer. I’ve come across many possibilities, but one stood out as especially unique and luxurious, and as something we’ve never done before. That attraction was coffee and cake in a private booth on the giant Ferris wheel in Vienna.

The Ferris wheel is located in Prater park, which houses all sorts of Luna park style attractions – chief amongst them is the Wiener Riesenrad, with 15-person cabins and 10 euros per adult tickets allowing you to see the Viennese views from above. However, there is also a VIP experience of renting a private cabin and the lovely management agreed to let us try it out for half an hour, so we could share the experience with you.

Ferris wheel experience

We scheduled the attraction for 12:30. We put on some nice clothes in honor of the special occasion and arrived a few minutes early. We approached the registers and said we had an invitation, we were then asked to wait a minute – until someone came to lead us through a side passage to a separate entrance (The regular entrance had a line of people waiting for the regular cabins). He asked us what kind of coffee and cakes we would like (Apple strudel, cheese or chocolate). We chose cappuccino, apple strudel and a chocolate cake. A few minutes later he called us, and the door of the private cabin opened.

The cabin was really big, with a table in the center. On it were the coffee, cakes, orange juice and a bottle of water. There was pleasant background music as well. The wheel started moving. It might sound nauseating to eat and drink while the wheel is rotating, but in fact it moves very slowly. A single turn is about 15 minutes.

The wheel offers a city-wide view, which is very enjoyable to watch while drinking a coffee and eating cakes. Of course, we had to document these moments for the blog, so unfortunately most of our time was spent on filming – but the coffee and cakes were of high quality, the view was amazing, and it was honestly quite nice seeing the people in the other cabins looking at our table enviously.

The experience is very exciting, and the price is accordingly high, 192 euros for half an hour. Anyone looking for a marriage proposal idea or to celebrate a special occasion – this is definitely an appropriate attraction.

They also offer other experiences in a private passenger cabin, such as a romantic dinner, breakfast or cocktails. You can book a cabin for more than 2 people or rent one for an hour. There’s even a special wedding package, in which a bride and groom plus eight other guests can rent a cabin for an hour and enjoy champagne, cheeses and snacks.

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