Hotel in Vienna – Classy design from the 19th century in a central location

By: Nofar Ronen

The last two nights on our trip to Vienna we spent at the gorgeous Beethoven hotel.
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The hotel’s location is excellent, a central area by the open Naschmarkt (a local food market with many restaurants, cafés and bars). The hotel is near public transport and within walking distance of Vienna’s main attractions.

We arrived at the hotel around 11AM and were immediately impressed by it’s design, which was classy and elegant and made you want to put on your best clothes 🙂
We were greeted with a smile at the reception and within ten minutes our room was ready and of course we went straight to it.

The room itself

We got the room named “Salon” on the second floor. Every floor has a different style, and every room – a different design. We got Beethoven’s room (At least, that’s what it said on the door :)). A big, spacious room, but what excited us the most was the corner sofa area that had large windows overlooking Vienna’s beautiful buildings. The room’s design matched the design of the hotel, a super elegant, 19th century look.

There was a bathroom, a separate stall shower, a television, bed, dresser, living room corner, large closet and a coffee and tea corner with a kettle.

What does the hotel have?

The hotel has a beautiful lounge where you can sit down and enjoy coffee or tea with small snacks, such as cakes and cookies, throughout the day. The hotel also has a nice porch with colorful sitting spots.

We arrived at the hotel on a Sunday and as it turns out, it hosts a small concert (with free entrance) each Sunday, also serving bubbling wine at 18:00 o’clock. So, naturally at 18:00 we went down to the concert.

The hotel concert

The concert was held at the hotel lounge.
We put on some fine clothes, and it was really nice – there were rows of chairs and we just sat there and enjoyed the classical music, played on a cello and a piano. The players were amazingly skilled, and we felt ourselves get swept away by the music. 25 minutes in was a short intermission during which we were served bubbling wine.

The hotel’s breakfast

Breakfast is served on the first floor. It’s a varied meal with a large selection of different dishes. Fruit, vegetables (There were pineapple and fresh figs, which was really nice), different types of corn flakes, dry fruit, porridge, good hard cheeses, sausages, dips (There was, for example, Guacamole dips and an egg paste), a selection of breads and desserts. There were also different tea infusions and the option to ask for a coffee, such as a cappuccino or latte.

The hotel has a bistro with local food and a bar. On our second night at the hotel, we sat in the lounge and ordered cocktails from the bar (I ordered a grapefruit Campari). The view of the city made for an excellent hangout.

What is there in the hotel’s area?

That same night, we went out to an Italian restaurant in the Naschmarkt food market by the hotel. Additionaly, close to the hotel is a vegan burger joint – Swing Kitchen, one of the best I’ve eaten at and they also serve the best vegan cheese cake. Highly recommended to non-vegans as well.

A 10-minute walk away from the hotel is the stunning Karlskirche church (Map). It’s very beautiful there, I’d recommend bringing a book or headphones along and just sitting by the church’s small lake and relaxing.

Walking distance from the hotel is also Kärntner street (Map), which is a great street for shopping, bars, restaurants and cafés.

In conclusion, the Beethoven hotel is a high-class hotel with excellent service, a fun, central location, luxurious rooms, offering a classic, musical, European experience 🙂

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