Recommended cafes in Zikhron Ya’akov, Israel

By: Nofar Ronen

About a month ago we moved to Zikhron Ya’akov and we have already managed to try a lot of cafes (this actually is not very surprising because I really like them).

Happily, we discovered that there are a lot of good options here and that was another thing that made me realize that we made the right choice in moving here. LOL

Also on trips abroad one of the things that always made me fall in love with a new destination was when we would find good cafes in the area, so it was important for me to live in a place like this. I was a bit disappointed to leave Tel Aviv because it has great cafes, but I was surprised to discover that there are also many great options here and we live close to the pedestrian zone, so most of them are at a really short distance from our house.

The best coffee – Nichaoch Cafe 

When I found out that the best coffee shop is a minute from my house I got really excited and after tasting it I was thrilled. Nichaoch Cafe is a small and simple cafe (with seating inside and out) and as soon as you pass by it you will smell the excellent aroma of roasting coffee beans and you will want to enter it right away. 

So, yes, in this cafe the coffee is roasted and there is also the option to buy the coffee to prepare it at home. Plus there are pastries, cakes, and cookies (I really like the little bourekas they make and the chocolate balls). There are also savory pastries and toasts.

A little tip: if you live in the area, there is an option to purchase a ticket for 10 coffees and then get 2 free, which is really worth it 🙂

Address: Hameyasdim 61
Kosher place, not open on Saturday

Feel like in nature – Mataim Cafe in Ramat Hanadiv

Now with the situation of the corona, most of us prefer to sit in spacious places and outside, so when we went to Mataim I realized that it is a great choice these days, and the truth is that it is a great option in general because it’s really beautiful there and they offer great food and coffee.

Mataim is located in Ramat Hanadiv (a 10-minute drive from the pedestrian zone). You will find a variety of breakfasts there, as well as food like pastas, sandwiches, and salads.

I went there with my sisters for breakfast and we ordered the vegan breakfast (the vegan omelet was delicious), a quinoa salad with cauliflower (highly recommended), and the Sabich focaccia, which was also excellent.

On another occasion I went there with Roman for coffee and dessert (we ordered the Pavlova, which was light and tasty, but I’m not really a fan of Pavlovas :)).

Outside there are lawns, so it has both a beautiful view and allows children to be entertained, for those who come with their family. There is also the option to sit there on mats on the grass and eat, for those who want to feel like they’re at a picnic.

Address: Ramat Hanadiv
Kosher place, not open on Saturday

Instagram design and great desserts – Cafe Tamar 

Kosher cafe and patisserie – Cafe Tamar, which opened a few days ago in one of the alleys of the pedestrian zone, is completely on the list of recommended cafes in Zikhron Ya’akov. At first you will want to take photos and upload them to Instagram because its design at the entrance is beautiful and colorful, and after you order coffee and dessert there you will fall further in love with it.

We ordered a cold coffee and a plum cake that really surprised me. It was an apple crumble-style cake, only it was with plums and it was excellent. We also tried the macaroons, which were delicious. Highly recommended.

Address: Hameyasdim 52 Leitner Yard
Kosher, closed on Shabbat

Great view – cafe restaurant Hotel Maimon

I really like to drink coffee in front of a beautiful view (well, who doesn’t like that?), and when my friend sent me pictures from there, I just knew we had to hop in for coffee, and the truth is now I want to go back every day. Why? There is a beautiful terrace with stunning sea views. Another advantage is that the place is open on Friday evenings and Saturdays (now with the corona situation and the care that there will not be many people, you should call beforehand and find out if it is possible to reach the hotel if you are not a guest as well).

We ordered a cold coffee there, which was fine, on Saturdays there is no espresso machine so the coffee was instant coffee. We will try to go in the middle of the week and check how the coffee is from the machine. There is also breakfast at the buffet and we plan to go there soon to check out how it is.

Address: Zahal 4
Open on Saturday

Combined with art – Anecdota Cafe

In the heart of the pedestrian zone there is a charming art shop that is also open on Fridays and Saturdays, which is called Anecdota. It has a cute coffee stand with some chairs outside. There is great coffee and there are also chocolates in different flavors. We ordered cold takeaway coffee and chocolate toffee, which was delicious, and we went to sit on the bench opposite and felt like we were abroad. The store itself has really beautiful things (gifts, applied art, home decor items, Judaica, and jewelry) so it’s well worth going there for shopping and coffee 🙂

Address Hameyasdim 52
Open on Saturday

Feel like in Paris – Boulangerie Cafe 

In a side alley of the pedestrian zone you will find the Boulangerie Cafe. There is a charming patio and a variety of cakes, cookies, pastries, and a Knafe dish made in a stone oven.

There is also food like lasagna, quiches, and pizzas.

Address: Hameyasdim 51
Kosher place, not open on Saturday

Tourist atmosphere – Gotcha Cafe

At the beginning of the sidewalk in an abroad-like atmosphere you will find the Gotcha Cafe. I think it is a great place to go to for coffee or a glass of wine when you come to Zikhron Ya’akov on the weekend.

A little tip: the prices for takeaway are half the price of the restaurant, so there is an option to go there for coffee and then take takeaway to go to the Tiyul Garden, which is a two-minute walk away, and have a picnic on the grass 🙂 I really liked their salmon salad.

Address: Hameyasdim 59
Open on Saturday

As you can see, there is a broad selection of great cafes in Zikhron Ya’akov and I am sure that in time I will discover even more and will be able to update this post 🙂

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