Amazing viewpoints in Zikhron Ya’akov, Israel

By: Nofar Ronen

I like to live in flat areas because in winter it is less cold and there are no strong winds. Plus, it’s easier to explore the place with Maya’s stroller without finding yourself in the middle of a tough climb up a mountain. But Zikhron Ya’akov is unusual in my eyes, because it is so beautiful here that I decided that despite its location on a mountain, I want to live in it (maybe in the winter I will regret this decision –lol-, but in the meantime I feel that way).

The fact that Zikhron is on the mountain is a big advantage in terms of the landscapes it has and what I liked to discover is that there are lots of stunning viewpoints. I am constantly discovering new observation points, so I will probably update the post many more times here, but in the meantime I have collected some impressive viewpoints for you.

My recommendation is to take a takeaway coffee or a fruit smoothie, a good book or a camera, a cell phone with headphones, or just go there with nothing and sit on a bench to enjoy the view 🙂

A viewpoint on Tzahal Street – Gan Rivka and Dov Litner

I discovered this place after we returned on foot from the Beit Maimon Hotel. The hotel is right next to this garden and the view from there is one of the most beautiful in my opinion. It is a view of the sea, combined with flowers and palm trees. To the right of the garden is an area of ​​stunning sunflowers. And it’s also worth walking around Tzahal Street because it also has very beautiful houses.

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A viewpoint from Kibbutz Maayan Zvi – Mitzpe Sagi

Mitzpe Sagi, where the navigator Sagi Reches from Kibbutz Maayan Zvi and the pilot Yair Rachmilevitch, who fell in a plane crash, are commemorated. I was recommended this viewpoint by a follower from Instagram.

Arriving at the observation point – park the car by the pool and on the right you will see a checkpoint with a sign for the observatory. There is a walk of a few minutes in a natural forest and then you reach a bench from which the beautiful view is seen. We decided to have a little picnic there towards sunset and brought cherries, cheeses, and coffee with us.

Directions to the pool.

Observation points Mitzpe Yehuda Zimroni

This is an observation point located in front of the Eden Inn Hotel. I got to see it many times from the car so one day I decided to stop there and was really excited about it. There are a few benches and the place is clean and well maintained (unfortunately there are some viewpoints which are dirty, especially because of cigarette butts). There is a beautiful view of the fields and mountains.

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An observation point near the monument to Yaakov Marvitsa

I discovered this place on the way to a meal at Naama’s house . Turning from Wine Street to Hameginim Street will suddenly reveal this stunning view that in a moment makes you feel like you are abroad. There is one bench there but it is enough.

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Jabotinsky Street viewpoint

Sometimes in the afternoon Roman and I go out to get some fresh air with Maya in the cart. One of the places we like to go to is Jabotinsky Street. Both because it is relatively close to our house and because there is a really beautiful view from there, as well as an observation point that is fun to sit in.

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An observation point in Givat Eden

We have been to Givat Eden several times already because there is Agra who cooks Ethiopian food in the yard of the house every Friday. Any way in the direction of Givat Eden, there is Ben Gurion Boulevard. Along the entire road there is a sidewalk with benches overlooking the sea and the fishing pools. I recommend getting there to do a challenging walk uphill (or downhill) and on the way stopping for a scenic break 🙂

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In conclusion, in Zikhron Ya’akov there are many monuments and viewpoints with benches that allow you to enjoy the views. Of course I will continue to update the post with more beautiful viewpoints as I discover them.

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