Culinary experience in Zikhron Ya’akov, Israel – Recommended restaurants

By: Nofar Ronen

When we moved to Zikhron Ya’akov, it was clear to me that I had a very important task, to check the restaurants and write a detailed post about the recommended restaurants in Zikhron Ya’akov for you.

We have not checked all the restaurants yet, but have already gone to enough so that I can write the post, and of course will also update it as I go. I must point out that there are not a lot of restaurants (compared to what we were used to in Tel Aviv) but it is not always the quantity that determines the place, but the quality, and here we’ve found some good quality and very tasty restaurants.

Tishbi Winery – Restaurant, meats, and bakery

On the border of Zikhron Ya’akov and Binyamina there is an amazing culinary empire called Tishbi Winery.

We went there two days in a row. Why? Because there is a lot to do in the complex and we did not get to try everything on Thursday, so we went back on Friday (and some things are only open on Fridays, anyway).

What will you find in the winery complex?

  • Dairy restaurant with a special atmosphere under the vines, where you can have breakfast or enjoy a chef’s lunch (the menu has starters, fish dishes, pastas, pizzas, and salads)
  • A bakery with a unique wood oven, there you will find sourdough breads, croissants, and brioche bread (the bakery is open all week)
  • Wine and Chocolate Store – The store sells the famous Valrhona chocolate, as well as wines, brandies, olive oil, and jams that they produce. It is possible to take a winery tour that includes a visit with wine and chocolate tastings at a cost of 55 NIS per person. On Fridays there are tastings without a tour
  • On Fridays there is a compound outside with a smokehouse and a hamburger place

We were invited to lunch and for starters we chose Carpaccio Dennis and a beer pastry with Camembert cheese, for the main course a sea bass fillet and Khachapuri. Each dish was insanely delicious!! We could not decide which one was the winning dish because everything was too delicious. For dessert we took a cheesecake with white chocolate and berries and coffee (highly recommended).

When we finished the meal we went on a tour of the winery in a group with three other people and there we learned about the winery itself, the wine production process, and then at the store we did a wine tasting with chocolate. It was the first time I got to be at a wine tasting with chocolate and the truth is it was a great combination.

On Friday we returned to the winery to enjoy the meats. We debated between a smoked meat sandwich and a hamburger, and in the end we ordered a rib sandwich, which was amazing.

I recommend you to go for a few hours and if possible then for two days 🙂

Address: Road 652 between Binyamina and Zikhron Ya’akov

The place is kosher

Baalachin – A home-style restaurant for Ethiopian food

We really like Ethiopian food and long before we moved to Zikhron, I remembered that a friend of mine told me we must come try Agra’s food. We had planned to come to try it but somehow in the end we didn’t make it, so as soon as we moved here, the first place we went to was Balachin, and ever since then we have wanted to go every Friday.

The meal is in the yard of Agra’s house and from the second we arrived we knew we would never want to leave because the yard is stunning, well maintained, and really fun to sit there. Agra was a lovely and kind hostess and brought us a blanket to put on the grass so baby Maya could play on it.

After the food arrived we got even more excited because it was excellent! We got injera (gluten-free Ethiopian bread) with a variety of dishes on it, as well as a cheese on the side that she made. The meal was very satisfying (we could not finish everything) and very healthy and tasty. At the end of the meal Agra served us Ethiopian coffee and special bread for dessert. Oh, and the cost of such a meal for a couple costs 70 NIS so it is also a great price.

It is possible to make a closed meal for a large group, so if you are looking for an idea for a special meal for a group of friends or family, this is a great option. The place is only open on Fridays (preferably call before)

Address: HaNarciss 7

For reservations and inquiries 050-8995638

Naama’s House in Zikhron Ya’akov

A friend of mine recommended me Naama’s House in Zikhron Ya’akov and of course I immediately wanted to check it out. Naama invited us over, so I went there with baby Maya. Roman had to work and could not join.

Naama’s House is a stunning house from 1882 with its original brick walls and ceiling. She hosts vegan / vegetarian private meals (of course even those who are not vegan or vegetarian like me, will love the food). The way the food was served was really nice and the taste even more.

I will not give you details of what we ate because Naama prepares different things each time, but I will say that each dish was insanely delicious and really special. The meal includes several entrees in the middle of the table, a main course for a person, and two desserts.

We tasted two vegan desserts that were so delicious we finished them straight away and the truth is that Mayush was primarily responsible for this 🙂

In short, for those who are looking for a vegan / vegetarian meal at an amazing house, Naama’s House is highly recommended!

Phone for reservations 058-7039171

Nachman BBQ and Batya sandwich

A week after we moved to Zikhon Ya’akov, Roman had a craving for smoked meat. It made me laugh because I did not understand where he would find a smoked meat restaurant now and suddenly after a few minutes of searching he found the Nachman BBQ restaurant, which is located just a few minutes’ walk from our house. The restaurant is located in the pedestrian zone. You can sit there and order food or take a takeaway sandwich of smoked meat from Batya Sandwich. We decided we wanted to take a sandwich and go for a picnic in the Yuyul garden next to the pedestrian area.

I did not have high expectations of the sandwich but as soon as we ate it we were amazed. We took the brisket meat which is non-fat and comes out excellent due to its slow cooking. The sandwich was in a soft, fresh bread with tahini and every bite was a delight. If you like meat then just go there and I’m sure you will fly for it too.

In addition, we ate at the restaurant twice and loved the meats they offer!! We ate brisket, chorizo, and asado and everything was amazing.

They also have hummus, vegetable patties, eggplant, salads, crispy potatoes, and more. So even those who do not eat meat will be able to find things to eat there. The restaurant has a lovely courtyard and it is possible to do events there as well.

Oh, and they also have really delicious desserts (there is a tasting plate of excellent little desserts). In short, definitely a great meal option for those who come to Zikhron Ya’akov

The restaurant is open Monday – Thursday
Phone for sandwiches 054-554-4760
Address: Hameyasdim 37

Adma Restaurant

We did not get to eat yet  at Adma Restaurant due to the second lockdown that has not yet ended, but we did get to get two very tasty picnic baskets from them and enjoy them in nature on a double date with my sister and husband.

There are three types of baskets in price ranges of 110 NIS -320 NIS. The classic basket is especially suitable when staying in a B&B in the area and the other two baskets are suitable for a more pampering picnic.

Followers of the blog will be given a special benefit of a free bottle of orange juice for a classic breakfast
And a free addition of salmon for a stylish breakfast

* Please note that you came through the blog traveling outside the box
*You can order the baskets throughout the week (also Friday-Saturday)
* There is also a vegan-option 

Address: Ma’ale Harishonim 8

Uma Bar Restaurant – Sushi restaurant

I got many recommendations about Uma Bar Restaurant, so we had been waiting to see if it really is that good. And now I can tell you, “yes” 🙂 There is excellent service, a good atmosphere, and delicious food.

The truth is that all the dishes on the menu sounded good and I’m sure we’ll go there many more times to try something different each time. In the meanwhile we tried the Ceviche Dennis (highly recommended), Hanoi Salad (was very tasty but did not remind me of Vietnamese flavors), Ban Asado in slow cooking (yummy-yum), and Sushi Marciano (I like it again). There are all types of special rolls and we took the Marciano because that is what the waitress recommended and it was very tasty.

In the middle of the week there is a business menu of 15% on the entire menu so for those who live in the area it is worth coming on weekdays.

Address: Hanadiv 29
Unfortunately on Friday they are closed and on Saturday they only open in the evening.

Shuli’s hummus

On Friday noon the well-known Hobbit Bar in Zikhron has Shuli’s hummus. Fun atmosphere of the bar during the day with good music.

There are hummus, falafel, French fries, and salads. I took the Nofar salad (I had to choose it because it’s my name :)). It is a vegetable salad with egg and chickpeas, and Roman had a Masabacha and falafel. We both loved the dishes and agreed that they have delicious hummus that we would recommend for hummus lovers.

Address: Hameyasdim 44
Shuli 050-9011900

Tishbi Restaurant

Tishbi Winery has a restaurant in the pedestrian area and a restaurant in the winery itself (which I mentioned at the beginning of the post). We went to the restaurant in the pedestrian zone for breakfast. The double breakfast is very worthwhile because it includes both dishes, two glasses of wine, and two glasses of a hot beverage. We took the smoked salmon breakfast, which included bread, eggs (we had poached eggs), a cherry tomato salad, smoked salmon, and cream. We had two glasses of white wine, which was excellent, and finally took a cold coffee.

Closed on Saturday

Hameyasdim 16 – Tabun Restaurant

In the first lockdown of the corona we had gone to look for an apartment in Zikhron Ya’akov. It was forbidden to sit in the restaurants so we ordered takeaway from the Hameyasdim Restaurant 16.

I remember it well because we sat down to eat the burgers and fries in the parking lot next to it, which didn’t sound like something great, but baby Maya fell asleep for an hour and a half so we had a quiet picnic and we really enjoyed ourselves. It was good both because Maya was sleeping and also because the burgers were really good. The second time we requested a delivery from there to a hotel we were in and it was great.

If you fancy a burger, I highly recommend this restaurant, but they also have many more types of meats as well as vegan dishes.

Address: Hameyasdim 16

Zikhron falafel

It is considered the best falafel in Zikhron Ya’akov. I must confess and say I do not like falafels, but Roman does and he said they were really tasty.

Address: Hameyasdim  60 
Closed on Saturday

Cafe Restaurant Mataim 

I also recommended Mataim in a post about recommended cafes in Zikhron Ya’akov because it is also a café, but I also will mention it here because it is a great option for a restaurant in the middle of the week or on Friday for those looking for something in the open air, delicious, kosher, and dairy.

Address: Ramat Hanadiv Zikhron

In conclusion, in Zikhron Ya’akov you will find great restaurants and a good atmosphere. The vast majority are closed on Saturday so I recommend arriving in the middle of the week or Friday. We enjoy exploring the culinary side of Zikhon Ya’akov and the truth is that we plan on exploring the area as well because we have heard that in Binyamina and Pardes Hanna Karkur there are many more great options. Of course I will update on this in more blog posts.

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