Eat and drink on Shabbat in the Zikhron Ya’akov area – cafes that are open on Shabbat

By: Nofar Ronen

Many times on Saturday we want to sit in a nice and special place to enjoy delicious food and good coffee. We have several cafes that are open on Saturdays near our house in Zikhron Ya’akov, but we decided that from time to time we would go and explore other areas close by.

We discovered some places we really liked and I decided to share them with you because I believe everyone is looking for good places to eat and drink on Saturday. Of course I will update this post every time I discover a new worthwhile place, but in the meantime here are the cafes we’ve loved.

Cafe Bagolf in Caesarea

Have you ever dreamed of being rich and having a subscription to a golf club and sitting down to drink coffee there? Lol. Well, maybe not everyone has dreamed of it, but it seems cool to me. I have never been to a golf course (only in mini golf, which is a completely different world :)). In short, when I googled a place that is open on Saturday not far from us, I found Cafe Bagolf, a cafe located inside the golf course in Caesarea, so of course I wanted to try it.

We went there without booking a place and discovered it was a mistake because the place was blown up. Luckily there was a place close to the terrace so we could see the view from inside, but the whole situation means it is very important to book a spot in advance and if it’s not too hot, then I highly recommend to request a place on the terrace.

Roman had eaten before we went there and was upset because there was a rich variety of breakfasts that sounded really good. He ordered coffee and an almond croissant and I ordered the worker’s breakfast, which included a bagel, herring, market vegetables, Labaneh with eggplant, an egg, and a hot or cold drink.

The meal was very tasty and we loved the location, so we’ll surely be going back again in the future.

Zipora Cafe Agala – in Moshav Aviel

Sometimes I really want to drink coffee in nature, in a relaxed place, and do nothing, and that is exactly what Zipora Coffee is for. It’s a very cool cafe because it is actually a coffee cart in front of Aviel pond, with a lovely view.

There is shaded seating and they serve not just coffee, but also really tasty sandwiches, I ate a sandwich with beets and cheese, which was excellent, and they have some delicious cookies. It is simply mandatory to take the peanut butter cookie, which is addictive, so see you have been warned.

Many get there on the way because there are hiking and biking trails in the area, but we went there specifically (a 15-minute drive from home) and just sat there and enjoyed the chill atmosphere that matched exactly with what I was looking for.

Schwartzman Dairy in Bat Shlomo

Let’s start with the fact that Bat Shlomo is a charming moshav with a stunning view and bike paths (which we have not been able to try yet, but it will happen) and it also has the Schwartzman Dairy.

A dairy that is open all days of the week, that has a variety of dishes, and in fact you can also enjoy delicious food, wine, and desserts. We’ve visited several times and once we bought takeaway cheeses and took them to a B&B. We really liked their laffa (taboon bread) stuffed with old-fashioned goat cheeses.

They also have an excellent knafeh dessert, great wine, full meals of cheeses with vegetables, olives, and more that can suit a couple and family. The seating is outside, the atmosphere in the place is very pleasant, and when we were there on Saturday, there was a performer playing the violin.

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