Our favorites restaurants and bars in Eilat

By: Nofar Ronen

Eilat is a great city for a vacation in Israel. You can find a lot of beaches there, great hotels, bars, water activities, attractions, a beautiful promenade, and more.

The brewery

“The brewery” was opened a year ago and the restaurant itself before half a year and I’m glad it did, because this place is awesome and decorated really impressively. All the decoration is with a beer theme. On the side you will see the brewery itself. There are really special beers and in the beginning the waitress served a tray with samples of beers. After tasting the samples you can decide which one you prefer. I loved the ginger beer, but also the rest were tasty (and I’m a person that is not a big fan of beer). The food menu is attractive and the prices are reasonable. We ordered small dishes of beef jerky and fish on toast. Mid dishes of homemade sausage and potato stuffed with a lot of good things and fish in beer with chips. The dishes were excellent and all the flavors matched great with the beer. This place is really awesome.

Opening hours are Saturday-Thursday 14:00 until the last of the customers and on Friday 13:00 until the last of the customers,

5th Avenue

A restaurant-bar in Eilat that was open a year and a half before by Shlomi, one of the owners of Evani beach. The place’s design is modern and impressive.

From 19:00-22:30 the concept of the place is more of a restaurant, and from 22:30-02:00 the place transfers to bar atmosphere (the food menu is the same). We arrived there to hang out and drink cocktails. I ordered a mojito cocktail based on acai, berries, cinnamon and chili (I like spicy cocktails) and Roman(my husband) ordered a cocktail based on cucumber, gin, and lemon.

For desert we had the Mexican hot chocolate with a cold chocolate chili cream and white chocolate ball with passionfruit.  The cocktails and dessert distribution way was in a very high-standard. Shlomi himself served us the desert and he spilled the chocolate cream on the ball until it melted. The service was great and the atmosphere was fun and cool. I

t’s certainly a place that’s worth visiting while you are in Eilat to eat and to hang out. Don’t miss it.
Opening hours 19:00-02:00

Barbaris restaurant in Eilat

A Hamburgers restaurant that is very good. The restaurant been open for many years and they even changed their location in order to expand. The thing that I loved about this restaurant is that they have a lot of sauces like garlic with honey, or palm sauce.

We ordered the Entrecote hamburger with garlic spread and lamb hamburger with egg and bacon, and mushrooms on the side. Both of the dishes were excellent. The service was very good and we really enjoyed our dinner there.

Opening hours 12:00-01:00

Mosh beach

Vegetarian food that is surprising and really tasty. We ordered their dish of Sabich (potato, eggplant, egg, and hummus) in a plate and crispy pita breads on the side. And another dish of lentils and also pita breads on the side. The dishes cost around 40 shekels and were very filling. This a great beach to come to eat and to sit with friends or read a book.

Opening hours 08:00-20:00

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