5 coffee shops you need to visit in South Tel Aviv

By: Nofar Ronen

Malka Cafe- Amazing service and the food is so delicious

This Cafe was opened by two lovely sisters, Maayan and Almog a few months ago. From the first time we visited there, we felt like home. A fun and jaunty atmosphere with a great service.

They serve good coffee and also the best sandwiches ever. Regularly, I ask for the vegan sandwich. And we always buy fermented bread from them to take home and it’s so good. We are addicted.

All the desserts, bread, and pastries are homemade. They serve also quiche, salads, breakfasts, and more.

Recently they hired a new chef and added more dishes to the menu. The prices are good and the quality is very high.

On a sunny day it’s a great place to be at because there’s a good breeze and they have a big open space to sit outside.

Address: Elifelet 26
Opening hours
Sunday- Thursday 07:00-20:00
Friday 07:00-16:00. Closed on Saturday

Albi Cafe- A cool and hipster vegetarian Cafe

Great food and casual atmosphere. A good place to come alone, to work on the laptop and to order a coffee or a cider. And you will get hungry so don’t worry because the food there is really tasty.

My favorite dish is the hot freekeh salad. It comes with eggplant, onion, parsley, almonds, freekeh, bulgarian cheese, and a tasty dressing with a lot of lemon and tahini.

And the other dish is Sabich. This dish is served in a Pita bread filled with crunchy potatoes, eggplant, egg, parsley, and tahini.

There are other good dishes like vegan shakshuka and a dish of cooked potatoes with egg or avocado and more.

On Friday and Saturday they serve hummus and Jahnoun (a Yemenite dish).

The prices are reasonable and the workers there are super nice. You can spent hours there without even noticing. You can sit inside or outside.

Address : Hagdud haivri
Opening hours
Sunday – Thursday 08:00-00:00, Friday 08:00-19:00, and Saturday 09:00-00:00

Tony and Esther- Coffee house with a happy atmosphere and good breakfast

A really popular Cafe in a Florentine neighborhood and most of the time it’s full. There are many seats outside. This coffee place is a cool gem on Levinski Street.

My first visit there was by accident when I went with a friend to look for a coffee. Since then we go there every time we are in the mood for a fun atmosphere and a good breakfast/lunch. There are several options for breakfast including a vegan one. There’s also a poached eggs dish with bread and mayonnaise and great salads like lentils salad.

On Friday and Saturday there are the best vibes and many people.

Address: Levinski 39
Sunday- Thursday 08:-15:00, Friday 08:00-16:00, and Saturday 09:00-00:00

Casabah Cafe- restaurant – Cool atmosphere and high-quality coffee

This Cafe- restaurant has a nice garden and awesome vibes. It’s also a good place to come alone and to work on the laptop. The Wi-Fi connection there is strong.

This place is located on Florentine Street and it’s almost always full.

The coffee is high-quality and it’s strong (so if you are a strong coffee lover you will love this place).

They have a rich menu with starters like French fries and roasted eggplant, main dishes like shakshuka and sweet potatoes salad, hamburger, deserts, and a menu with specials dishes.

If you are in the mood to come and just grab a drink this is also a fun place to hang-out.

During lunch they give 20% off on sandwiches, salads, and main dishes. Sunday – Thursday 12:00-17:00

Address: Florentine 3a
Opening hours
Sunday- Friday 08:00- last customer.
Saturday 09:00- last customer.

In Tel Aviv there are many great coffee shops. We live in South Tel Aviv, so I decided to write about our favorite coffee shops in our area.

Bike Bakery Cafe- A homey, vegan coffee house

A delightful coffee house with homemade pastries, cakes, bourekas, quiches, and sausages, and they are all vegan.

I had the chance to try their new dish; a Cheeseburger with a side dish of potatoes. The hamburger is made with black lentils and it’s served in a bun with fried onion, lettuce, and a vegan cheese. The dish was very yummy!! And really satisfactory; I took half as a take-away.

The service was wonderful and all the dishes sound so delicious that I have to go back again and try more.

Address: Zvulun 17
Opening hours
Monday- Thursday 16:00-23:00, Friday 10:00-16:00. Closed on Saturday and Sunday

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