Bike tour in Tel Aviv – Getting to know Tel Aviv through the eyes of a local guide

By: Nofar Ronen

Roman and I like bike tours a lot (Which you surely know if you’ve had the chance to follow our other trips), and despite going on bike tours in many places around the world – We’ve never done one in the city we live in (Tel Aviv).

We decided to change this by taking a bike tour through Abraham Hostel (A chain of hostels in Israel, with hostels in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Nazareth, which also offers many types of tours). Link to book a tour through Abraham Tours.

Bike tour in Tel Aviv

Tour route

The tour left the hostel in Tel Aviv at 15:00 (In the summer season).

We were a group of 10 people and the guide. First, we received the bikes (And helmets for those who wanted them) and had a short introduction of names and where everyone was from. Our group had guys from Canada, Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands and the United States, while Me, Roman and the guide, Amir, were from Israel (Tel Aviv).

Amir explained that the tour will be 3 hours long and most of it will be on a bike track. He said we’ll stop from time to time, at which point he’ll tell us more of the place we’re at. Since Tel Aviv doesn’t have much history (Has only existed for 100 years), he’ll talk a bit less about history and more about the current situation and local culture.

We started the tour riding on Rothschild Avenue, from there we rode on to Habima Theatre, Chen Avenue and Rabin Square.
In each area we stopped, and Amir told us of the place’s history and current situation.
At Rabin Square Amir explained, in a very fine way I thought, Israel’s political situation.
We then continued on Ben Gurion Avenue and took a 15-minute coffee break, during which we talked amongst the group.

I really like the Ben Gurion Avenue area and it was nice to have freshen up with some coffee and chit chat. After the break, we kept riding along the promenade towards north Tel Aviv (We didn’t reach the harbour, since it’s very crowded on Saturdays).

Afterwards, we rode back south, our last visit being to the Neve Tzedek neighbourhood, before getting back to the hostel.

Things we liked about the tour

As a local who’s lived in Tel Aviv for many years, I felt that Amir guided the tour wonderfully and that his explanations regarding Tel Aviv were both interesting and entertaining. He incorporated a lot of information about recent affairs and what it’s like to live in Tel Aviv. He explained the political situation in Israel, without taking a stance and just helped the guys in the group get in touch with Tel Aviv without forcing a certain opinion.

The tour was light and fun and I honestly hadn’t previously known much of what Amir told us. He gave us many recommendations for places to visit, as well. Furthermore, the places we visited included most of the central locations worth visiting in Tel Aviv.

Another thing I liked about the tour is that Abraham Hostel allows those who take the tour to keep the bike for the rest of the day, only returning them by 20:30.

Remarks about the tour

*The tour is 3 hours long

*There is a 15-minute break about half way through

*Tel Aviv is quite a planar city, hence riding in it doesn’t require much effort and the tour could suit people not used to riding a bike for long periods

*It’s recommended to bring sunscreen and a hat. The tour is from 15:00 to 18:00, and at the end of May it was hot and moist (As it is for most of the year)

*You should arrive 15 minutes early, in order to sign some forms and receive the equipment

*It’s recommended to sign-up for the tour at least a day in advance, as it’s limited to a certain number of participants and you may not have a spot available.

*Highly recommended tour for those wanting to learn about Tel Aviv through the eyes of a local

*The tour was in collaboration with Abraham Hostel

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