Great vacation in Eilat – Things to do

By: Nofar Ronen

Eilat is a great city for a vacation in Israel. You can find a lot of beaches there, great hotels, bars, water activities, attractions, a beautiful promenade, and more. Read about recommended bars and restaurants in Eilat.

Attractions in Eilat

Stalbet on the water (relaxation pool)

In Stalbet on the water you will find therapeutic pools of sweet water or seawater or salt water.
Usually you can enter the place only if you have booked a treatment or breakfast with entrance to the place. The price ranges are 170-420 shekels depending on the duration of the treatment

The place is open from Monday to Saturday 09:00-23:00.
But beside what I described above there is another option. To come on a Saturday evening 21:30-00:30 and to pay only 70 shekels and then you can use all the pools.

It’s so relaxing and calming. I can’t describe the feeling. It’s like meditation in the water. In the salt water you can float without nothing and in the other pools you can use floatation belts. The place is very romantic. I’m sure the treatments are really good, but if you want to try the pool experience, I recommend you to go on Saturday and check them out. 

The pools are located near the dolphin reef.


Following the recommendation of our friend from Eilat, we went to do snorkeling in Eilat’s Coral Beach Nature Reserve. He told us that this is the most beautiful place to do snorkeling in, and he was right!! It was absolutely amazing. The waters are so clear and there are impressive reefs and unique fish.

Another thing that is great there is that you have a bridge that you can jump to the water from and you don’t need to walk on the water on all the stones until you arrive to the reefs area.

Opening hours every day 09:00-17:00, on Friday until 16:00.
The entrance costs money but is definitely worth it. 35 shekels for an adult and 21 shekels for a child.
Renting a snorkel mask cost 23 shekels and a deposit of 100 shekels.


A rounded mall. I really liked its shape, ‘cause this way you can see all the shops without a problem. It’s really easy to navigate there and you don’t have to spend time searching for a shop or a restaurant.

In the mall there are a lot of attractions like skating, soccer, golf for kids, 3d movies, a playground, and more.

Unintentionally we arrived there on the same day that there was a national rhythmic gymnastics contest. So, instead of the skating area there was a contest. It was a great event and we enjoyed it very much.
Opening time every day 09:30-23:00

Beaches in Eilat

The beaches that I love the most

Mosh beach

Mosh beach reminds of Sinai beaches. Shanti music and a lot of mats on the beach. There are shaded areas with mattresses and pillows, so it’s very comfortable to lie down and relax there.

Near the restaurant there is an area with tables and chairs and great vegetarian food. We ordered two dishes: one was sabich and the other one was lentils. The dishes cost around 40 shekels and were very tasty. You can spend hours on this beach, reading a book, or hanging out with friends.

Opening time every day 08:00-20:00

Bar beach

If you are snorkeling at Coral Beach Nature Reserve, it’s worth going to the near bar beach.
It’s an organized beach that people go to dive from and it has a great beach restaurant.

We ordered a Greek salad, hummus with calamari, and taramosalata there, everything was delicious and filling. The service was great. We sat on the balcony with a view to the beach and it was awesome.

Opening hours every day 08:00-21:00

Avenue beach

The beach located near the mall “Mul yam”. The beach is organized and clean, with tanning beds for rent and a great restaurant.

The thing that I liked the most about this beach was that most of it has small stones, so you can lie down on a towel on the beach to tan and it’s comfortable and also you can enter the water without stepping on rocks.

The beach is not too crowded and has an excellent atmosphere. It’s just fun to stay there. We ordered a delicious fruit shake from the restaurant. ‘Cause what can be better than a fruit shake on the beach?
Opening hours every day 08:00-22:00

Where to stay

Our favorite hotels:
5-stars hotel: Dan Eilat Hotel
4-stars hotel: Rimonim
3-stars hotel: C hotel

Tips for Eilat:

  • On Saturday you can find cheap flights from Tel Aviv to Eilat
  • It’s better to visit Eilat during days that are not holidays, or in July-August because it’s very crowded and more expensive
  • In every hotel you can find a coupon book. I recommend to check it ‘cause there are discounts for a lot of attractions and restaurants.

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