Top restaurants in Northern Israel

By: Nofar Ronen

As someone who was born and raised in Northern Israel, I got to eat at a lot of restaurants located in the area. Even after I moved to Tel Aviv, I continued my journey of exploring culinary places in the North. There’s a pretty large variety of great restaurants.

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Restaurants at the Lower Galilee and Kineret

Al Aresha

A Sephardic restaurant located in Carmiel with breathtaking view. The experience is pretty cool; you get to sit on mats next to lower tables, so it’s unique. We were there with 6 children (my nephews), and they loved they place while we enjoyed the great food.

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Milk With The Wind

 This restaurant is adjacent to their milk products production area, and all the cheeses are house-made. It lays beneath beautiful trees and it feels as if you’re dining at a forest. There’s a magical touch to the place, and the food is unique and delicious. Site

1910 restaurant

Located at Tiberias Degania A, this chef restaurant serves mediterranean-Italian style food. They have delicious food, and they also have a taboon that makes amazing pizzas. The prices are decent and you’ll be full for sure.


Merinado Ein Gev

If you’re looking for a place to buy meat for your next BBQ then you just found a great option. They also make them on the spot so you can purchase them to eat right away.


Restaurants at the Western Galilee


A Lebanese restaurant with great food and decent prices, located in Kibbutz Shlomi right next to Neharia. Worth the trip.



A hummus place in Akko. This is mine and my family’s holy grail of hummus, since I was little. Honestly, my dad is a customer since before I was born.


Uri-Buri at Acco

Seafood restaurant that’s on the pricer side, but they serve really delicious food. Everything is incredibly fresh and the service is amazing.


Akko old city Market

It’s just so nice to walk around the market and try all sorts of foods from the different stands. There is a nice Turkish bazaar and cute little restaurants.

Abu-Adham at Kfar Yassif

 A delicious hummus place that one of my friends introduced me to. He’s from the Kibbutz so they go there every friday morning.


Restaurants by the sea shore


Located in Haifa, this is a great seafood restaurant with a great lunch menu of a main course and more salads than you can ever eat. Their salads are delicious and different.


Maayan Habira

Also located in Haifa, this is the center of Eastern European food, with great beers straight from their brewery. If you’re into dumplings, smoked meat and beers then that’s the place for you.


House Restaurant at Ein Hawd

 Located on the top of the mountain with breathtaking view, this Kurdish restaurant is menu-less. They simply serve a ton of salads and amazing dishes. By the end of your meal you go downstairs to sit at the chill area, where you can drink coffee or tea, and have some dessert.  


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