Recommended places to stay at in Tel Aviv – Recommended hotels, hostel and apartment

By: Nofar Ronen

Tel Aviv is a cool city with many high-class hotels, beautiful boutique hotels and fancy hostels. Since the stay in Tel Aviv can be quite pricey, I’ve decided to list our favourite options for you, which also have decent prices.

Abraham Hostel

If you’re looking for a light place, fancy but not too luxurious, the recommended option is Abraham hostel. It’s a really trendy hostel with people from all around the world and at all ages. There are shared rooms, rooms for couples and for families.

There’s a bar, many sitting areas, a fun balcony, a television room and beyond a place to stay, the hostel offers an excellent hosting experience including tours, shuttles, workshops and events. Even if you’re not staying at the hostel itself, you can visit it and meet people from all over the globe, order tours through them and attend events. If you’re guests at the hostel you’ll be entitled to discounts.

There are also communal Sabbath dinners on Friday nights, at a cheaper price for hostel guests. The hostel also offers several-day trips all across Israel, so if you’re short on time when it comes to exploring Israel – This can be a good option for you.
The hostel is in a great location, about a 10-minute walk from Levinsky market and the hipster Florentin neighbourhood, a 5-minute walk to Rothchild boulevard as well as 5 minutes away from the main street, Allenby, by which you can reach the Carmel market and the beach. It’s in a good location in regard to public transport.
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Boutique hotel by the flea market – The Market Hotel

The market hotel is a boutique hotel as well as a culinary experience in a super fun location. It’s right next to the flea market, which boasts a lively atmosphere all throughout the day, and especially in the evenings.

It’s walking distance from the beach and the charming Jaffa port.
The hotel itself is a boutique hotel in an urban design. One of the most fun things about it is the breakfast, made with fresh, high quality ingredients such as hard cheeses, salads, breads, pastries and more. Additionally, every lunch there is a happy hour with different snack food such as pizza, Bourekas and more, as well as wine.

The hotel belongs to the Atlas brand, which owns great boutique hotels across Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. All of them offer the concept of a great breakfast and a fun happy hour.
You can look for a hotel according to your preferred location.
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Boutique hotel with a pool in Tel Aviv – Poli House Hotel

The Poli house is a boutique hotel with a roof pool and bar, and at a great location. It is immediately adjacent to the Carmel market and the artist’s market in Nachalat Binyamin. It’s a 15-minute walk away from the beach and you can actually exit it straight into the market and enjoy an Israeli market experience during the day, and the nightlife as well.

The hotel itself is done in a modern design, we felt like we were in a spaceship. The thing we liked best about it was the roof pool. While it’s relatively small, we enjoy pools a lot – our ultimate vacation is a cocktail in the pool, and the hotel fit that idea perfectly.

There are also high-quality, light bar snacks. The rooms are designed beautifully and have everything you might need.
Breakfast is in the adjacent Loveat café, which has a special entrance from the hotel, and thus feels like a part of it. It isn’t a buffet meal, but a menu breakfast, offering Israeli breakfast food such as Shakshuka, sandwiches and more.
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Apartment on Allenby street

If you’re looking for a relatively cheap option for couples or several people and would rather not stay at a hostel – There’s the option of renting an apartment in a good location on Allenby street, Apartment Allenby 106. I stayed there with my two sisters and we had a very nice time. The apartment itself is in a residential building, and the lobby isn’t the most impressive, but the apartment itself is really well designed and taken care of. It has a twin bed and a fold out sofa bed.
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