Our Top cafes & bars in Rome

By: Nofar Ronen

Rome is so gorgeous. Everywhere you look, you will see an amazing Piazza or a stunning architecture.  Rome is full of history, good restaurants, cool bars, Delicious gelato, cute coffee shops and more.

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Bars in Rome

Jerry Thomas Speakeasy – Underground Cocktail Bar

This is by far one of the coolest cocktail bars I’ve ever been to, ever…
The bar is hidden behind a large wooden door, and gives the impression that it isn’t a bar at all. At first, we thought we got the wrong address.

It was only after we knocked on the door and discovered a pair of eyes with a huge mustache peeking through a tiny window, asking us for the password to get in. That’s when we knew we were at the right place. We didn’t know what the password was, so he asked us if we were members. We smiled and said that we were not, but it was birthday (which really was.) so we’d love to get in and become members. In hindsight we could’ve found the password on the website and not pay the membership fee. At least now we’re members for life 🙂

As soon as we got a table we were given the drinks menu. We explained the waiter the kinds of drinks that we like and he gave us the best recommendations. The vibes were incredible; sitting there felt like we were in a movie scene from the 1920’s. The waiters and bartenders were dressed in vintage fashion, and the bar had a unique design that reminded us of the 20’s as well.

The only downside to it is that smoking isn’t prohibited, so it got pretty smoky in there. I guess there’s some kind of charm to it as well.

The cocktails were AMAZING. They got it just right. We loved spending my birthday at the vintagey-classic-movie-style bar, and we especially loved the little window at the door. It felt like we actually walked into a movie. We could not have thought of a better way to end my birthday. I highly recommend this place.

Vicolo Cellini, 30, 00186 Roma, Italy
Closed on Sunday & Monday.
Open Tuesday-Saturday 10PM-4PM

Makasar – An Intimate Wine Bar

After our visit to the Vatican, we wanted to go to a cafe. I opened my restaurant finder app to see what’s good and open around us.

There was a nice-looking place 10 minutes away from us, so we decided to go for it. When we got there, we found out that it was more of a wine bar than a cafe, and the decor was super cool… there were awesome chill vibes. We decided to skip the coffee and go straight to cheese and wine.

I ordered Rose by the glass, Roman ordered white wine, and we both shared a cheese platter. We had the best time. The waitress was really nice, and the music was amazing… The cheese was great and the wine was spectacular… What else could one ask for?

Via Plauto, 33, 00193 Roma, Italy
Sunday: 5pm-12am
Monday-Thursday: 12pm-12am
Friday-Saturday: 12pm-2am

Cafes in Rome

Roscioli Caffe – A Standing-Style Cafe

This is a super popular cafe located right next to Campo De Fiori. If you ever feel like recharging with a quick cup of cappuccino and a freshly baked pastry then this is the right place to go to.   

We ordered 2 cappuccinos and I took 3 cookies, but ended up eating only 2 because they were too sweet 🙂 Roman ate a sandwich croissant, that he really liked.

The coffee was excellent. There’s usually a line, but it clears up quickly. People just go to grab a quick cup of Italian coffee, maybe eat a little something sweet, and just leave.
There’s also a side room where you can go and sit down, but usually there are events, and besides, if you want to do it like a true Italian then just grab and go.

Piazza Benedetto Cairoli, 16, 00186 Roma, Italy
Monday-Saturday: 7am-11pm
Sunday: 8am-6pm

Martin gallery – A Lovely Gallery-Cafe

After our visit to the lovely rose garden, and on our way to the Platin and the Colosseum, we came across a cafe that we instantly fell in love with.  
It is a new cafe that opened just recently, filled with art and vibrant colors, and everything from the dishes to the vases is covered with hand paintings.

The coffee they serve is high-quality Arabic coffee, and they also serve a variety of pastries and all sorts of dishes that are all displayed at the front window.
Usually, the artist himself is physically at the cafe and there is an option to get your own customized mug.

This was my favorite cafe in all of Rome. I love art, and especially in places such as cafes. The vibrant colors gave incredible energy that makes me wish I could visit every day.

Via dei Cerchi 55A, Rome, Italy 00100
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