It’s hard not to fall for Bellagio

By: Nofar Ronen

We stayed a Lake Como for 3 nights. We arrived to Dervio town from Lucca in Tuscany.

The city of Bellagio is known as “Como’s Pearl,” and has been known for that name since Roman Times. Bellagio is a city that lies in a beautiful location and is absolutely stunning. It was built on half an island that separates Lake Como into 2 parts. Thanks to the convenient weather, the city has plenty of trees and flowers.

At Bellagio you will find a villa with stunning botanical gardens, a lovely fishing village, variety of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, and mostly a lot of beauty! We actually took a boat to get to Bellagio since we were at the other side of the lake. It costs 18 euros for the both of us to both directions. We parked in Varenna, where we got on the boat, and parking costs 6 euros from 12pm-8pm.

There is also a boat back at 10pm. You can even get your car on the boat if you wanted to for an additional cost. It was a short sail of 15 minutes, and we viewed all the villages surrounding the lake, and it was absolutely beautiful.

Villa Malzi

As soon as we got to Bellagio we went to Villa Malzi, which was about a 10-minute walk from the boat. The villa was built between 1808-1815. The beautiful gardens lay near the lake. Francesco Malzi Darryl worked with the architect Jokondo Albroli, and asked that he would design a beautiful and extravagant villa.

The English gardens are well-designed. There are so many sculptures and flowers everywhere. The gardens were designed by the architect Luigi Canonica and by the botanic Luigi Villoresi. From the first moment we stepped on the lawns we were amazed by the beauty. We were there at the beginning of May, and the colors were just so vibrant and beautiful! We took countless of pictures, with the beautiful lake in the background.

We walked around the gardens for 2 hours and if we wouldn’t have been hungry, we would probably stay for longer.
Via Lungolario Manzoni, 22021 Bellagio
Hours: Everyday 9:30am-6:30pm. Tickets are 6 euros per person.

Lunch at Bellagio

After our visit to the villa we continued to the city square and had lunch. We found a restaurant called Bar Caffe Rossi that views the lake. The vibes were great and the food smelled delicious. I ordered spaghetti bolognese and Roman ordered pasta with cheese and spinach. Both courses were good and the prices were decent.

We checked out the coffee and pastries and they seemed really good as well.
Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini, 22

After we finished our meal and got back to exploring the streets, Roman, being usual Roman, was still hungry so he got a salami and cheese sandwich at an Italian deli. It was only 3.5 euros and Roman really liked it.

Alimentari – Salumeria – Rosticceria Via Bellosio,1

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Fisherman village – Pescallo

After the deli we continued exploring, and we started walking towards the fisherman village that we saw beforehand. We took the shortcut. You can either take the road which is longer, or climb up a staircase and shorten the way.

There are signs, just follow them and not Google. Climbing the stairs was not hard, there were just a lot of them. The village itself is really unique. It is very calm and quiet. There are even hotels and apartments, so for those who seek for some peace of mind then this is the place to go. We walked around the village and then got back to the city.

An Amazing Wine Bar at Bellagio

To finish our amazing day in Bellagio, we went to the wine bar that we had reservations for. We got there in the early evening and it was just the two of us. After a little while a few more people walked in. The bar is super romantic and they serve a lot of different kinds of wine. Their menu is just bottomless. We ordered 3 glasses each. Even though we didn’t drink everything, we wanted to taste as many wines as we could, and it was good enough to have just one glass.

I ordered some white sparkly wine and then another kind. I’m a white wine kind of person. Roman started off with a rose, continued with white wine, and finished with some red. For snacks we ordered a cheese platter with the stronger flavors, but the menu also ordered a mild cheese plate. It was served along with hazelnuts, yum. We also ordered a fish platter, and each fish was cooked differently.

I must say that the fish and cheese were the perfect match with the wines, and they were delicious. Our server was really nice, and she explained about each wine and also recommended a few according to our taste. The place was beautifully designed, and practically magical.

We actually met another couple that were there when we were and got back because they wanted to get another taste of the place.

Enoteca Cava Turacciolo
Salita Genazzini, 3, 22021 Bellagio
Thursday-Tuesday: 10:30am-1pm, 6pm-midnight. Closed on Wednesday and during the winter.

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