Luxurious boutique hotel in Athens’ prestigious shopping area

By: Nofar Ronen

We went on a week-long trip in Athens and decided to divide our stay between two hotels in different areas, not only for variety’s sake, but so we could enjoy two different hotels as well. We started our trip in a really luxurious hotel, Coco Mat Hotel, located in the prestigious Kolonaki area. From there, it’s a 15-20 minute walk to Plaka (The central area).

I really liked this area. It’s full of modern coffee houses, boutique shops and high-class restaurants. The prices in these are slightly higher, but not by much, and it’s generally considered one of Athens’ most sought after and prestigious shopping streets. The atmosphere is magical and romantic and the hotel fits into it perfectly.

The hotel’s entrance is in fact a Coco Mat store, a chain selling high-quality beds and those same beds are in the hotel’s rooms.

Reception is one floor beneath the store and by our arrival at 12:00 our room had already been prepared. Reception is also located by the dining hall, which serves as the lobby. The design is very relaxing and creates a homey feeling.

A dreamy hotel at Athens - Traveling outside the box

The hotel room

Our luggage was immediately brought up to our rooms, and after checking in, we followed suit. As we entered the room, we instantly grew excited. The room had a clear attention to minor, unique details such as a Nespresso machine, slippers, robes and a romantic shower with transparent doors (By the way, there are rooms with showers in a separate room for you to choose).

Above all of these, is the super luxurious bed – The moment we lay down on it, we didn’t want to leave. The bed can be bought in the chain’s stores and costs 14,000 euros! So, you can imagine just how comfortable it is 🙂

The hotel also offers really high-quality pillows, and even includes a pillow menu, letting you switch to a different one if you’d like.

Room Service

We had so much fun in the room that we decided to have lunch there and ordered room service. After all, what could be more enjoyable than food service in a good hotel?

I ordered fish with a side of rice and Roman ordered tortellini in a dried-tomato sauce with bacon -accompanied, of course, by two glasses of white wine. Within about 20 minutes a knock on the door announced the waiter’s arrival, carrying the exciting tray. The food was really good and the wine turned the meal into a delight. That’s how we started our visit to Athens 🙂


In the morning we went down for breakfast and decided to bring the food up with us to the hotel’s beautiful balcony, which offers a view of the city. We prepared our plates along with coffee and orange juice and one of the employees carried it up to the balcony for us.

It was a sunny day and a perfect opportunity to make use of the balcony, which comes with a small, very well-maintained garden, adding to the hotel’s unique atmosphere – along with a wall of potted plants and wall-paintings brightening the room with their colors.

The next day we had breakfast downstairs and enjoyed the calming design there. The breakfast menu isn’t too varied, but that’s just how boutique hotels are – a smaller set of choices, but of a higher quality. What I liked were boxes filled with all sorts of goodies you could add to your muesli – chia seeds, goji berries, dried fruit, almonds and more.

There were also breads, fruit, sausages, cheeses, mini quiches and desserts.You may ask the waiter for an omelette and order drinks such as orange juice, coffee or tea.

If you’re looking for a romantic, boutique hotel with a perfect bed, excellent service and prestigious location, this is the one! We would definitely be happy to stay there again.

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