Centrally located hotel in Athens, with a local market experience

By: Nofar Ronen

We went on a week-long trip in Athens and decided to divide our stay between two hotels in different areas, not only for variety’s sake, but so we could enjoy two different hotels as well.

The second hotel we stayed at was Athens Center Square Hotel, a central hotel in the Psiri area, adjacent to the local food market.

We arrived at the hotel with a smile on our faces, after having a lovely walk through the market and seeing the fruit and vegetables, olives, spices and more. We really like local markets and it’s one of the major reasons we picked to stay where we did.

Athens center square hotel- the hotel's rooftop

The entrance is very pleasant, a lobby with couches and a bar area complete with a coffee machine, as well as a couple of tables with computers for the guests’ use. You can make tea and coffee for free anywhere between 10:00 and 18:00.

We got an upgraded room on the 7th floor, which was spacious and clean. It had a double bed, closet, couch and bathroom with a shower and a toilet.

The hotel has an open rooftop terrace with tanning beds and sets of tables and chairs. We went up to it at sunset with some coffee and enjoyed the view of the acropolis. While we were up there, some local photographers were taking pictures of the sunset off the terrace, since it’s very beautiful.

At night we went out for a stroll around town. The hotel is in a really central location and a two-minute walk will get you to a bustling area with bars, cafés, taverns and restaurants. The walk by the hotel itself at night is a little less pleasant since it’s quite desolate.

When morning came, we went to the dinning room for breakfast. Breakfast at Athens Center Square Hotel is served as a buffet, with a large variety of sausages, breads, pastries, desserts, fruit and more. There’s a gluten-free section with breads and crackers and a coffee machine.

The hotel is adjacent to the market’s fruit, vegetables, cheeses and sausages stalls. On the other side of the road are fish, meats and spices. A walking distance away is a metro station you can ride to anywhere in Athens in a few minutes. The flea market is also a few minutes away. The hotel’s location and reasonable price make it an attractive option for any who want to travel and explore Athens.

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