Intoxicating whiskey tour in Dublin

By: Nofar Ronen

In Dublin many people choose to go for a beer tour at the Guinness factory, which sounds quite nice –Yet we decided to go for a whiskey tour, particularly since while we have heard some stories of the beer before, the history of whiskey was far less known to us.

After searching for a whiskey tour in Dublin online, I’ve come across several options and had finally chosen the Irish Whiskey Museum tour.

Their tour includes tastings, and there was also another where you could blend your own whiskey. We pre-ordered a spot on the tour, since the tour groups are rather small and demand is high.

We arrived for the 4 o’clock tour. Our group totaled nine people, and our guide, Hannah, was really lovely. We moved on to the next room after brief introductions

In this first room, Hannah told us of the history of whiskey and how it used to be made.

Afterwards, we went on to a room designed as a bar where we talked further of the history of whiskey, before finally entering a room with a large bar table.

Next to each seat were four glasses of whiskey, and an empty one with a pipette in it. Hannah told us about each whiskey and how to properly taste it.

We smelled and tasted each of the whiskies and discussed their flavors. Considering I’m not a great whiskey enthusiast, I’ve found the flavors too strong for my taste – but any whiskey lover would surely have enjoyed the experience.

Having tried the four whiskies, we could then blend them to our own taste using the pipette.

If you’re a whiskey enthusiast, you’re sure to enjoy this part, as you can try your drink with each addition and keep balancing it to your liking.

When we finished concocting our own whiskey, we were given a jar to store it in.

At the end of the tour, Hannah gave us some tips regarding restaurants and bars and even wrote them down for us. The tour was a nice and engaging experience, and I enjoyed the design of the rooms we got to visit.

I think this tour is definitely worth it when visiting Dublin, though If you’re not a big fan of whisky – the standard tasting tour may be enough.

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