3 Days Itinerary in New York – part 3

By: Nofar Ronen

We have had an amazing time in New York and I decided to write you the itinerary we followed 3 days. Every day is a separate post so if you would like to read the others you can click on those links: part 1, part 2

The itinerary is for all day long with a lot of things, if itโ€™s too intense for you, you can split it into more days. Every day we started our day at 08:00 and finished around 01:00 ๐Ÿ™‚

So let’s begin…

Breakfast at Johnyโ€™s Luncheonette

Johnyโ€™s Luncheonettete, The same restaurant as in day 2. A really good American breakfast at reasonable prices. Considered as one of the best breakfasts in Manhattan.

But this time we both ordered poached eggs with Spanish roasted pepper, Bulgarian cheese, and crunchy pita bread on the side. Itโ€™s a really good option for a tasty, fast breakfast

Sight-seeing boat tour

After breakfast we took a subway to the South Ferry Station in order to do a sight-seeing tour and to see the Statue of Liberty. Even though we are less into touristic attractions like this, it seems unreasonable to be in NYC and not see the Statue of Liberty, right? We ordered the tour from Groupon.

The tour was about an hour which was the right time in my opinion. It was a really nice experience, although it started to rain really heavily the moment we arrived in front of the Statue of Liberty ๐Ÿ˜‰ but we still had a good time.

Broadway show- The Book of Mormon

After the tour, we took the subway to the Broadway area and we went to the cashier to take out tickets to The Book of Mormon. We booked the tickets in advance and itโ€™s better to do so as soon as possible, because the prices are very expensive.

Especially for the good seats. The cheapest site I found was tickpick and our tickets cost 150 USD per person in the front rows. The show itself was incredible! So funny and so beautiful.

I can’t explain how good the show was. You just have to go to see it. If you are not familiar about the Mormon I recommend to read a little bit about it before going to that show

Coffee and a pastry at Bibble and Sip

After the show we wanted to drink a coffee so we walked to a bakery that looked nice from the outside and it was really good. We ordered two cappuccinos. I ordered a chocolate banana muffin and Roman ordered a brownie. They were fresh and delicious.

Brodway , Wall street

After the coffee shop we went to wander around in Broadway and Wall Street, and the sidewalks

A dinner in Hanjan

After wandering around we went for a dinner with my brother at a Korean gourmet restaurant. We ordered Makgeolli, Korean beer that was of the best drinks I have ever tried.

We ordered a spicy calamari dish with noodles, a seafood pancakes dish, and a long time cook meat. All the dishes were so tasty and surprising in their flavors. It was a modern Korean meal. We sat on the bar and the service was excellent. If you are a Korean food fan, you should go there.

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