3 days Itinerary in New York

By: Nofar Ronen

We have had an amazing time in New York and I decided to write down the itinerary we followed for 3 days. (Originally I posted every day as a separate post during my trip, but I have merged them all together now to make it easier to follow)

This itinerary is packed with a lot of things to do in each day. If it’s too intense for you, you can split it into more days. We started our days at 08:00 and finished around 01:00 the following night 🙂
So let’s begin…

Tips before traveling to New York City

SIM card

I personally recommend using an ESIM, which is an electronic SIM, and recommend Airalo. I was very satisfied with their user experience (simple tutorial videos for operating the SIM card) and everything worked without any special problems. I wrote more about them in an extended post on the subject of taking a SIM card abroad and also about other options such as buying a local SIM card.

Blog followers have a 15% discount code for the Airalo company to purchase an ESIM – to redeem the discount, click on this link. The discount code is already included in the link. See it at checkout.

The biggest drawback at the moment is that some devices do not support an electronic SIM. How can you know if your device supports the electronic card? Very simple: go to this link and you can see. Link to which devices support ESIM.

Car rental in New York City

I think this is the most convenient and fun way to travel. Car prices are low and the roads are easy to drive.

You can search for a car in the search engine Papam Papam. Personally, I really like to search through them because they save me time (instead of going to several websites) and they also have the option of filtering out non-recommended rental companies.

Attractions in New York City

You can get ideas for other cool things you can do on the various attraction sites and even order through them (sometimes at a discounted price). The first attractions site is tiqets the second is Get your guide and Viator.

Where to stay in New York City

You can search for places to stay in New York City via Booking.

Day 1

Breakfast at Soho in Balthazar restaurant

Balthazar restaurant is considered as one of the top restaurants for breakfast. The food there is amazing and the service and atmosphere are great. My brother recommended us this place (he works in Manhattan). Roman ordered eggs benedict and we both agreed that it was the best we had ever eaten.

The eggs were cooked perfectly and the sauce was delicate and creamy. I ordered toast with guacamole, tomato, and eggs which was a great dish but the eggs benedict were my favorite.


After breakfast we continued by foot to Chinatown. When we arrived there we certainly felt like we had arrived to China. We decided to buy bubble tea and to wander around. China town is full of Asian restaurants, shops, and has a great atmosphere. Because we had a very, very long flight (we travelled from India to NYC and it was a 16-hour flight) my neck and back hurt a little so I decided to have a Chinese massage for 15 minutes for my back and head for 10 USD. We saw it while we walked in Chinatown and it sounded like the perfect solution for my pain; and it was. The massage really released my muscles and I felt like a new person. I definitely recommend this break for a massage especially if your back hurts.

The place where I had the massage is called “Foot reflexology & body work”.

Best ramen soup

After two hours of walking, Roman got hungry. We passed near a Ramen restaurant  Bassanova ramen and saw an article in google that says that it’s one of the best places for Ramen soup in Manhattan. So, of course we had to try it.

The waitress recommended us the Ramen with lemon and black pepper. It sounded interesting so we took it and for a starter we ordered a dumplings dish. The dumplings were crispy and really good and the soup was wonderful. It was so delicate in its flavors and the lemon and black pepper added a sour and spicy twist to the taste.

It was so good that we thought about ordering one more soup but we wanted to leave room for the cheesecake.

One of the best cheesecakes in Manhattan

I looked again in google where the best cheesecake in Manhattan is, and I found several options. One of them was close to Chinatown and the reviews about it were amazing so we went there.
We walked to Little Italy and there was the bakery Eileen’s Special Cheesecake

There was a big variety of flavors and everything looked so good. I chose the salted caramel cheesecake and Roman chose the coconut cheesecake, and we ordered two cappuccinos. Both of the cakes were so delicious, they were in the right size (not too small and not too big). It’s definitely one of the best cheesecakes I have eaten.

The salty caramel added to the flavor but the cheesecake itself was so tasty. The price is very reasonable: it cost 3.5 USD for a cake.

9/11 memorial

After the cheesecake we continued by foot to the 9/11 memorial. It was about 30 minutes walking. The monument is so impressive. I think one of the most impressive memorials I have seen.

There is also a memorial museum. The line there was too long so we decided to spend our time watching the monument and to think about what happened in that place. I think that this place is a must to visit. Even if it’s for only a few minutes.

Central Park

From the 9/11 memorial we continued by subway to Central Park. This is the most famous park in Manhattan and it’s so huge. You can spend hours there just sitting and enjoying the park, without even having to do a picnic. You can also rent bikes and travel in the park with them. 

American museum of natural history

After the park we went to the AMNH museum which is a few minutes from where we were. We paid 22 USD per person for a ticket but you can also pay as much as you want. We arrived at the museum around 16:00 and it was closing at 17:30 so we were disappointed we didn’t have enough time to be there, because there are so many things to see.

We tried to check out as much as we could. And of course we didn’t give up on the last floor where the dinosaurs reconstructions. I was very impressed by this museum. No doubt that you can spend half a day there and even more. It is suitable for kids and adults.

Cocktail break at Jacob’s pickles

After the museum we felt that a cocktail would be great so we found a place not too far from where we were (about 20 minutes walking) which was very popular. When we arrived they had a table outside, but after 30 minutes the place was crowded and people were waiting in line for a seat.

We ordered two sangria, four types of pickles (their specialty), and a corn dish. The service was great. Roman really liked the sangria but I thought it was ok, nothing more.
When the waitress asked me about it, I told her that it’s not for my taste and she offered to replace it with another cocktail. She brought me a sour cocktail that was really good.

The pickles were great and also the corn dish. This is a great place for hanging out. Great vibes, tasty food, and good cocktails. The bill was about 65 USD (including the tip).


We took a subway to Times Square. We walked a little bit there and watched a street show. Because Roman is very tall (1.97m) the moment they looked for volunteers from the crowed they saw Roman and requested him to participate in the show. It was funny 🙂

Dinner at Spotted Pig- in the West Village

We took a subway to the West Village in order to meet my brother at the Spotted Pig restaurant. This restaurant has a Michelin star for its hamburger.

We ordered for starters deviled eggs, ricotta dumplings, and mushrooms on a toast. Everything was so good, but the ricotta dumplings were my favorite. For main dishes we ordered a scallop dish and the hamburger, of course. Both of them were amazing, but the hamburger… Wow! I’m still thinking about it. 😉 The bun was the same size as the burger. The burger had blue cheese and was cooked perfectly. It was an amazing ending for an amazing day.

Day 2

Breakfast at Johny’s Luncheonette

A really good American breakfast at a reasonable price at Johny’s Luncheonette. Considered as one of the best breakfasts in Manhattan. Roman ordered a typical American dish of pancakes with sausages and omelette. I ordered poached eggs with Spanish roasted pepper, Bulgarian cheese, and crunchy pita bread on the side.

We also received free coffee with it. My dish was so good. I really liked the crunchy pita and how the Spanish pepper was cooked; it was a light dish and a great way to start the morning. Roman was also very satisfied with his dish and it was pretty big, even for him. The bill was 16 USD so it’s a really good option for a tasty, fast breakfast.

The High line

After breakfast we continued to a really cool park: its height is 9m’ and it is 1.45-miles long on an old railroad. I really enjoyed the views from there and we took many pictures as well. It’s pretty shadowed, so it’s nice to walk there.

Chelsea market

From the park we continued to Chelsea market. You can go there from the park. This market is amazing! I recommend you to go there when you are hungry (unfortunately we weren’t) because there are so many restaurants that look so good.

There is also a part with cool stalls of souvenirs, jewelries, clothes, and more. There are special things that I didn’t see in other shops. In conclusion, this is a must-see market 🙂


From the market we took a train to Harlem, we still weren’t so hungry, but we planned to take a tour and didn’t want to get hungry during it, so we went to Jimbo’s Hamburger and we ordered a tasty tortilla with shnitzel. The schnitzel was crispy and the tortilla was good

Harlem Tour

After lunch we went to the meeting point of the tour that we had booked in advance. We took the tour of the company Free Tours by Foot. This company offers many tours that look very interesting. We decided to take this tour because we wanted to learn more about this area and also Harlem looks very cool so we wanted to tour there.

The tour was about 3 hours and the guide was funny, fascinating, and with a wide knowledge. He combined music with his explanations which was pretty awesome. The tour is free (based on tips). I’m really glad we chose this tour.

Coffee shop in Harlem – Social Corner

After the tour we wandered around a little bit more and then we decided to sit in a coffee shop-restaurant. We ordered coffee and just sat there and enjoyed the atmosphere of Harlem.

Even if you don’t go on the tour, I highly recommend you to go to Harlem and soak the cool vibes and to check-out the restaurants, bars, and more


From Harlem we took the subway to a stand-up show in Comedy Cellar (we booked tickets in advance). We arrived 45 minutes before it started, which was great, because this way we got a really good seats. It’s a pretty small place with about 30 tables.

It’s intimate and fun. In a show there are 6 comedians for about 15 minutes each. The best comedians perform there, like Chris Rock, Louis C. K., and many more. We saw Allan Havey and Judah Friedlander, which were hilarious and actually each one of the comedians was brilliant.

I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s a high-class stand-up and it’s a great way to spend your evening; this pleasure cost 12 USD per person and you have to order two items from the menu. We ordered one cocktail and one sandwich each. It was one of the best evenings we had and I really recommend this show if you are a stand-up lover.

Day 3

Breakfast at Johny’s Luncheonette

Johny’s Luncheonettete, The same restaurant as in day 2. A really good American breakfast at reasonable prices. Considered as one of the best breakfasts in Manhattan.

But this time we both ordered poached eggs with Spanish roasted pepper, Bulgarian cheese, and crunchy pita bread on the side. It’s a really good option for a tasty, fast breakfast

Sight-seeing boat tour

After breakfast we took a subway to the South Ferry Station in order to do a sight-seeing tour and to see the Statue of Liberty. Even though we are less into touristic attractions like this, it seems unreasonable to be in NYC and not see the Statue of Liberty, right? 

The tour was about an hour which was the right time in my opinion. It was a really nice experience, although it started to rain really heavily the moment we arrived in front of the Statue of Liberty 😉 but we still had a good time.

Broadway show- The Book of Mormon

After the tour, we took the subway to the Broadway area and we went to the cashier to take out tickets to The Book of Mormon. We booked the tickets in advance and it’s better to do so as soon as possible, because the prices are very expensive.

Especially for the good seats. The cheapest site I found was tickpick and our tickets cost 150 USD per person in the front rows. The show itself was incredible! So funny and so beautiful.

I can’t explain how good the show was. You just have to go to see it. If you are not familiar about the Mormon I recommend to read a little bit about it before going to that show

Coffee and a pastry at Bibble and Sip

After the show we wanted to drink a coffee so we walked to a bakery that looked nice from the outside and it was really good. We ordered two cappuccinos. I ordered a chocolate banana muffin and Roman ordered a brownie. They were fresh and delicious.

Brodway , Wall street

After the coffee shop we went to wander around in Broadway and Wall Street, and the sidewalks

A dinner in Hanjan

After wandering around we went for a dinner with my brother at a Korean gourmet restaurant. We ordered Makgeolli, Korean beer that was of the best drinks I have ever tried.

We ordered a spicy calamari dish with noodles, a seafood pancakes dish, and a long time cook meat. All the dishes were so tasty and surprising in their flavors. It was a modern Korean meal. We sat on the bar and the service was excellent. If you are a Korean food fan, you should go there.

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