Viewpoints trip in Ko Phi Phi

By: Nofar Ronen

Ko Phi Phi is a small, cool island without cars in Thailand; you can explore the entire island by foot, so it’s really fun.
It’s located east from the Phuket and it’s easy to reach it by ferry. In Ko Phi Phi there are many restaurants, cool bars, and beach parties. There are amazing beaches, street food, diving, snorkeling, a 7 islands tour and more recommendation for a lodging: PP Insula– a simple, clean, and nicely located hotel witreasonable prices.
We stayed there for a few nights and were very pleased with it.

In addition to all the great things I mentioned that you can do in Ko Phi Phi, there is also a really nice point view trip that you can do while exploring the island.

Phi-Phi Viewpoints trip

Many people go to the first point view. It’s about 20 minutes climbing many stairs. It’s open every day and costs 30 baht. You will see signs in the island that direct you to the beginning of the stairs.
Climbing up is pretty exhausting, but it’s so worth it.

The view from the point view is breathtaking. You can also sit there and relax to grab a drink from the restaurant and enjoy the amazing view and breeze.

If you want to challenge yourself a little bit more, you can continue the trail in order to reach the other point views and afterwards you can continue on that trail to the other side of the island.

It’s a trail in the forest and it’s really nice and shaded for walking. It’s about 2 hours walking (depends on your speed). From the first point view there are 2 more viewpoints.
The trail itself is non-touristic and you won’t find many people there.

After arriving to the other side of the island you pass through a small village. This village was built after the tsunami by the rescue forces for local residents of Koh Phi Phi and non-Thais.

It’s really cool to see this village, because now only locals live there, but all the signs are in English. Aside from the small villages there are also great beaches and nice restaurants there. So

you can spend a few hours there and have a great time.
In order to go back to your hotel you can walk back the same as before or take a speedboat that will get you back to the other side of Ko Phi Phi. That’s the option that we chose, because it was too late.

There are not a lot of speedboats there (low competition) so the workers allow themselves to charge high prices for 20 minutes. We took the speedboat ride from loh lana bay and after bargaining the price we agreed for 500 baht.

Some tips

I recommend you to start the point view trip early so you will be able to enjoy the other

side of the island too and also to return by foot if you prefer

You can also do this trip the opposite way. Take a speedboat to the other side and then to

do the trail in the forest, point views, and then back to your hotel.

I recommend to do this trip with closed shoes, and not sandals or flip flops. Also to bring water and a hat with you.

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