Thailand Itinerary Ideas

By: Nofar Ronen


When traveling to Bangkok, you’d want to stay anywhere between 2-5 days. It has so much to offer, ranging from shopping (cheap, cheap), street food, so many places and things to see, the Kawasan, and day there are plenty of day trips you could take… I have a feeling you’re starting to get it 🙂

The Kawasan (Bangkok)

  • Casa Nithra: a 4 star hotel near the Kawasan. Costs around $55 per night.
  • Baan Nampetch Hostel: a clean guest house in a great location. Costs around $25 per night.
Attractions in Bangkok

Grand Palace

located within walking distance form the Kawasan. I recommend going as early as 7am, because if you get there even a little later you’ll find yourselves sounded with thousands, and even tens of thousands of people.

  • The Kawasan is a great place to hang out at night. There are a lot of nice bars, and some of them even have live music! I enjoy the street food, especially the dessert area 🙂
  • Rambuttri street: There are a lot of nice cafes and chill places where you can get a smoothie or a beer and just relax.
  • Go to the port from Rambuttri street and take a boat to the flower market, Chinatown, the King’s Palace and shrines. The boats costs around 150 Baht and there’s a boat every half hour until 4:30pm.
  • Try durian! Keep it mind, it sticks! There are even some hotels who wouldn’t allow you to go in with it because it smells so bad! If you choose to ignore the smell, it actually tastes good! Anyways, it’s a must try while in Thailand!

Shopping District in Bangkok

  • Patumwan House: a 3 star hotel with a great location and comfy beds 🙂 Costs around $40 per night.
  • Mercure Bangkok Siam: a 4-star hotel in a great location and awesome view of the city. Costs around $90 per night.
  1. Siam Paragon: A really nice mall that’s considered as one of the most luxurious malls in Asia, where you’ll find a lot of high-end brands. Hours: 10am-10pm.
  2. MBK: One of the most familiar malls amongst Israelis who travel to Thailand… You’ll find a lot of stores and cheap clothes. Keep in mind that if it says it’s a brand, then it’s probably fake! Hours: 10am-10pm
  3. Central World: another huge mall where you can find a variety of stuff, and mostly everything! There is also a movie theater, ice-skating rink, an arcade, and tens of restaurants and cafes! Hours: 10am-10pm
  4. Emquartier: a relatively new mall that opened in 2015, where you’ll find a lot of designer stores and nice restaurants. Definitely worth a visit! Hours: 10am-10pm

Day trips outside of Bangkok

There are a few lovely places that are a short drive away from Bangkok which make a great attraction!

If you are looking for a driver in Bangkok and the area, We used Tom’s services. He took us to Kanchanaburi and to the airport. He is a local driver who has a transportation company with his lovely wife Dee (Dee And Tom’s website, get 5% discount for service transportation using the code : trvbox)

  • Ayutthaya: Thailand’s previous capital. Read about it more here: “Ayutthaya.”

  •  Khao Yai National Park: a beautiful park where you can go to a safari and see a lot of free animals!
  • A trip to the floating market and train market: You can get to the floating market with a boat, and the train market is a market where a train passes through. Both are super cool!
  • Kanchanaburi: a state park that also has museums, and a famous bridge… It’s really nice to walk around there and you can continue to the seven falls after!
  • Pattaya: a city with beaches and a great night life with loads of attractions!

Food in Bangkok

I recommend exploring Bangkok’s huge variety of street food. You can find out more in the post “Street Food in Bangkok.”

Islands in Bangkok

Koh Samui

You should stay anytime between 3-7 days. It’s an island of resorts, markets, beaches and attractions. If you feel like chilling then this is the perfect place!

There are resorts on the water by the sea, or up on the mountains where the view is gorgeous.


Sandalwood Luxury Villa: a stunning 5-star resort on the mountains. Read more here: “A Romantic Hotel with Incredible View.”


There are so many things to do here other than just lay in the sun by the water!

  1. Carting, omega, wipeout, water parks. You name it, you got it.
  2. Bophut: a night market on Chung everyday from 5pm-11pm.
  3. Lamai: another night market that’s open every day starting at 5pm.
  4. Massages!!! They are so soooo cheap and so amazing! You should get them every single day!
  5. There are a few viewpoints on the island. One of the most popular ones is Lamai viewpoint.

koh phangan

You should stay anywhere between 1-3 days, and you can only get there with a ferry.

There are beautiful beaches, not many people around and the half moon & full moon parties.


  1. If you’re going to parties and want to sleep somewhere nearby, a hotel that allows you to stay for less than 5 nights (a requirement in many hotels), is the  Buri Beach Resort ( update 2024 : the place is closed permanently ) . It is a 3-star hotel, very clean, and right on the beach! They have amazing pools as well.
  2. Santhiya Resort and Spa Koh Phangan: a relaxing 5-star hotel with a stunning pool!


  1. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t like to go to parties, the half and full moon party is a must. It’s a completely different and cool experience where you get your body painted with glow in the dark colors, and the vibes are insane.
  2. Wipeout
  3. Renting bikes and going around the island is so lovely! You get to explore places that you would never see otherwise!


  • Krabi is a place where you’d wanna spend 2-4 days, and you have to fly to get there. There are beautiful beaches, and challenging attractions!
  • Railay Beach: A chill beach with amazing resorts and romantic vibes… Great for couples!


Railay Princess Resort and Spa: a 3-star resort with a pool + breakfast that would cost you around $40 per night.

  • Ao Nang:  a touristy area with markets, stores, malls, and attractions.


Baan Sawan Resort: a good 3-star hotel at a great location with a pool.


  • Boating around Railay Beach and the chicken beach allows you to see beautiful sights and go snorkeling. There are trips with guides but I recommend going to the port and approach to a private boat owner and negotiate a good price. It will be cheaper and private.

  • Tiger Cave Temple: the temple is located up a mountain that requires a climb of 1,260 stairs. The climb isn’t easy, but it’s so worth is! The view is breathtaking, and the challenge is fun! There is a trip with a guide but there is also a shared taxi you can catch on the main road and take it straight to the temple, it’ll cost you real cheap.

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