Special attractions in Pai, Thailand

By: Nofar Ronen

Pai is a town in the Mae Hong Soon Province of northern Thailand. Itโ€™s about 3.5 hours ride from Chiang Mai. We highly recommend to visit there while traveling in North Thailand.

Land split and tubes in Pai Thailand

A place that used to be a farm, until one day in 2008 a huge crack in the land appeared which split it in two. The disaster ruined the farmโ€™s crop and the owner decided not to cultivate his land again, but to turn this place into a touristic attraction. The crack itself is quite impressive, but this is not the only reason that we were excited about this place.

When we arrived, the girl who works there welcomed us with a smile and invited us to sit in a nice area. Once we sat, she brought us refreshments of banana chips, hibiscus jam, peanuts, and hibiscus juice. We sat there for quite a long time. The refreshments didnโ€™t cost anything, but the place exists from donations. In the entrance there is a box of donations where you can leave as much as you want.

After the snacks we did something even more fun ๐Ÿ™‚ we rented (for a really cheap price of about 2 euro) 2 tubes and took them to the lane nearby. There were about 5 people that were swimming there and we floated with the tubes. It was so relaxing and fun.

You definitely can spend half a day there. We arrived by scooter but you can also take a taxi there. Itโ€™s about 7km from Paiโ€™s center.


Hidden hot springs

In all the agencies of Pai they offer a visit to the hot springs, they are very touristic and the entrance price is pretty expensive for Thailand (300 baht). If you want to make a small effort and spend less (20 baht), you can go to the Sai Ngam hot springs

Indeed today they are less hidden than they used to be and more people go there, but they are still much less crowded than the other ones. Especially in the middle of the week.

They are located 16km from Paiโ€™s center. The drive there is pretty twisted, with declines and increases, so if you drive there with a scooter you should be aware of this.

Fermentation workshop

If you are into health and love to learn new stuff about how to improve your wellbeing, this is a workshop that you might enjoy.

We discovered this class unintentionally while we sat in a restaurant called โ€œGoodlifeโ€ and I saw a flyer about fermentation. It sounded interesting so we decided to go there.

The workshop is located in a chada. There are two guys that run it Lance and Costantin. The is workshop called Pai love fermentery. Itโ€™s designated to three people and more and the cost is around 600 baht per person for a 4 hour workshop.

We were the only ones that day so we paid 1600 baht for the both of us (still a very cheap price for what you get from it).

In the beginning of the workshop we learned about the fermentation process and why itโ€™s good to eat fermented food. Afterwards we learned about kombucha (fermented tea) and Kefir (fermented milk). We learned how to make them and why they are healthy for our body.

During the workshop we snacked on some fermented food, we ate fermented lunch and drank the kombucha. The atmosphere there is the greatest and the guys are super nice.

We learned a lot from it and ever since that workshop we make Kefir in our home every day ๐Ÿ™‚

Special workshop thatโ€™s very recommended. The workshop is Monday-Saturday 11:00-15:00. Sunday itโ€™s closed. You donโ€™t have to sign-in before; just arrive 10 minutes before it starts.

Itโ€™s about 1km from Paiโ€™s center


ย Chinese villageย Viewpointย in Pai

My recommendation is to go to the Chinese village at noon for lunch and then during the sunset to go to the viewpoint to see the sunset. The entrance to the viewpoint costs 20 baht and you also get a green tea.

Drinking tea while watching the sunset is so fun and relaxing. The village is located 5km from Paiโ€™s center.


Recommendation for a guesthouse in Pai

We stayed at the Baan kanoon guesthouse for 7 days. We really liked it.

Itโ€™s a beautiful guesthouse. The rooms are cabins and there is a big yard. And in the entrance to each cabin there is a table and chairs. Itโ€™s a really relaxing and clean place.

The cost is around 400 baht a night. Located in a great location, about 2 minutes by foot to the night-walking street. There have free coffee and tea in the morning.


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