A day trip to Tuscany, wine Tasting, and a stunning fortress

By: Nofar Ronen

Winery Buonamico

Wine tasting

About an half-hour drive from Lucca, we discovered Buonamico which is a lovely winery and vineyard. We fancied the idea of wine-tasting and eating cheese with sausage, having lunch and getting a tour of the winery. Plus their prices were some of the cheapest we found. We called in to reserve our spot for 2pm.

The drive there was absolutely breathtaking. You find yourself surrounded with green views at a beautiful scenic drive. There were almost no cars. It was only us and nature.

When we arrived at the vineyard we were super impressed by the stunning view and of the design. It was one of the most beautiful vineyards/wineries Iโ€™ve ever seen. We got a thorough explanation of the place from the nice employees. We ordered some wine and cheese with Italian sausage.

We stood by the bar and one of the employees brought us pecorino cheese, salami, and some bread with locally-made olive oil. There were other 2 couples who joined us for the tasting. It is the only local winery that make their own sparkly wines. The lady told us about the process of how itโ€™s made and it was super interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ They are also starting to build a resort, I hope their prices wouldnโ€™t be too high and that we could stay there.

Tourย at the winery

After the tasting the other 2 couples went to have lunch and we continued with one of the guides for a tour at the winery.

It was super impressive. They have an entire area where they initially ferment the red and white wine, and there was another place where they do the fermentation at a more advanced level. There was also an area filled with barrels.

There is a wine seller of the sparkly wines, and there is another seller of all the wines that they made since they just started the winery. You canโ€™t drink most of the wines since they expired, so you can only get them as a souvenir.

The visit at the winery was so interesting, especially since we love wine and we were fascinated by the facts of how they make the wine, and we loved the decor as well.
Tasting and a light meal is 18 euros per person. Tasting and lunch is 33 euros per person.

Via Provinciale di Montecarlo 43, 55015 Montecarlo

Montecarlo Village

Our server at the winery advised us to visit the village Montecarlo, and Iโ€™m so happy that we went. It was about 3 minutes away from the winery. The village itself lays on the top of the hill and the view from up there is absolutely breathtaking. The village has a fortress, and gorgeous allies with restaurants and cafes. The village and the fortress were built in 1333.

When we just got there, we took a stroll around the village and Roman ordered some pizza at one of the restaurants. Everything about it was lovely. After the pizza we went to the fortress and we honestly wanted to stay and live there.

The fortress

The fortress had a lovely garden that was a great viewpoint as well. We strolled around the garden and walked upstairs, thatโ€™s where we found some viewpoints that were breathtaking. We were so happy to have found the fortress, and that it was open for visitors. It was no nice to see it from the inside. It was 5 euros to enter. I recommend going to this kind of trip, it was so so lovely.

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