An awesome Segway tour in Paphos

By: Nofar Ronen

We took a Segway tour with  Paphos Segway Tours company. We were a group of eight and had two super nice guides, Liam and Callum.

Segway instruction

After all the group members had arrived, we went outside for an instruction on the Segways. The guide explained how to operate it really well, after which each guide took one of the tour members personally for a test drive on the Segway, to make sure they can handle it well and to boost our confidence. When every member had gone through a personal instruction, we started the tour.

The tour itself

During the tour, we went through several interesting sites on Paphos, stopping at each one while the guide told us about the place. The stories were truly captivating. At every stop the guide also took our pictures, giving us small choreographic instructions (A few days later they uploaded the pictures to Facebook, so you can save them with no additional cost).

The tour was light, funny and the weather was great (Early November). If you take the tour during the summer, I’d suggest going on either the early or the afternoon tours. The one we took started at 11AM.

We rode along the sea a lot – it was really relaxing and I didn’t want the tour to be end. I have to mention that I went on a Segway tour before and didn’t really enjoy myself, to be honest I was quite frightened then – But this time, the two guides were really responsible and gave a feeling of security. Even if you’ve never been on a Segway tour, you have nothing to worry about and I’d even highly recommend this as your first try, that way you’ll get fun and professional instruction.

The company has longer, special tours for those already experienced with Segways. Maybe next time we’re In Paphos we’ll try one of the advanced tours.

To be sure, this is a great attraction and experience, and a wonderful way of seeing Paphos. They also have colorful Segways which are really cool 🙂

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