A mysterious Ghosts & Legends Walking Tour in Prague

By: Nofar Ronen

I have to admit the whole ghost thing scares me a bit, but when I came across the ghost story tour in the evening hours in Prague, it sounded like something worth trying – even if I don’t get any sleep afterwards.

We preordered the tour through Mysterium tours Company. This company also has tours in Madrid and Budapest.

This tour is like an individual play. You get sucked into the guide’s stories and feel like you’re really in the scene she’s talking about. This tour is a completely different experience from others, since it makes you feel like you’re a part of a scary story. It also makes you see the city in a different light, and besides, a nightly tour is always nice – especially in a beautiful city like Prague.

The tour kicks off at 20:30. We chose a tour of The Dark Shadows of the Old Town.

Our guide’s name was Christina and she was incredible. First, the outfit she wore and the night lamp she carried immediately created an atmosphere of mystery and fright. She told the stories really well, in a dramatic and theatrical way that was very sweeping.

During the tour we stopped at several places known for ghost stories. Each story was unique and they were all spooky and interesting. We were a small, intimate group of six and we really enjoyed listening to the stories. It was also very nice to tour the city in the late evening hours.

If you like horror movies or stories about ghosts and the supernatural, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this tour a lot. It’s a tour for both teenagers and adults, and it’s available in a number of languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian.

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