Signagi – An amazing town from the 18th century in Georgia

By: Nofar Ronen

Everybody knows that Georgia is the perfect place for trekking. And if you didn’t, now you know.
But there is so much to see in Georgia and so many places to visit

I want to recommend you visit Signagi in the region of Kakheti. This is a town that is surrounded by walls from the 18th century. It’s an incredibly romantic town. It’s surrounded by wineries and vineyards. Because the town is uphill there is an amazing view from it.
There are great restaurants there, as well as markets, and unique things to do and see.

Lodging in Signagi

We stayed in David Dzanashvili’s Guesthouse Sighnaghi. We took a room on the second floor where there is a balcony that overlooks an amazing view of the ancient walls.
More reviews about Dzanashvili’s guesthouse

The room itself was big and clean and had a private bathroom (it was a big and good change for us, after the other rooms we had while trekking)

When we arrived at the guesthouse the owner (David’s wife) showed us the room and afterwards brought us bread and cheeses to the balcony. We sat there to eat the tasty cheese and enjoyed the breathtaking view.
It’s such a peaceful and relaxing town.
We arrived there after 7 days of challenging treks and this was a fantastic way to finish our trip.

Restaurant that we really loved in Signagi

Pheasant’s Tears – in the first evening we went to eat at this restaurant; what attracted us there was the fact that they have a winery in the basement (and we love wine 🙂 )
We also read that they have a tasting menu for wines and dishes, it sounded good for us.

This was an amazing choice and we had the best time.
Each dish was served with a different wine.

The wines had really strong and unique flavors. We really loved them. One of them was a red wine that smelled like blue cheese and another was a white wine with flavors of apricot but a delicate taste that was not like a liquor. We loved them so much that afterwards we bought the bottles of the two of them in order to take back home with us.

The dishes themselves were very nice and combined great with the wine. We also took a short tour of the winery.
That was an excellent dinner.

 There are other great local restaurants that you can try, as well as restaurants that have BBQ. And it’s really fun to eat in the guesthouse itself. They cook great local food and, because the guesthouse is pretty big, the dinners there are with many other travelers so the atmosphere is so fun.

Things to do in Signagi

Wineries tour

On the second day we did a winery tour with David the guesthouse owner and with a couple from Spain that stayed in the guesthouse as well. David drove us from place to place and waited for us at each point. He was so friendly and nice. He stopped for us in 2 wineries, a monastery, a wine museum, and a huge wine factory. In each winery we tasted wines and had a tour. In the big factory we also had a tour and we saw the modern way they make wine. We bought 2 more bottles to take with us back home 🙂 Not everyone loved the Georgian wines because their flavors are very strong and different from the regular wines that we are used to drinking but we liked the unique flavors.

Wandering around in Signagi

just go and explore it by foot. It’s a small and really beautiful town. The people are super nice and always smiling. The town is not flat so even though it’s small, walking there can be a little bit exhausting.

Local market

In the town you will find small markets and small stalls on the street. We bought the Georgian cheese also to take back home. It’s so delicious with delicate flavors and it reminded me of a salty white cheese with a soft texture. We also bought some spices that they have. One of them was the spicy spice. It’s so good. I added it to all the dishes every time we ate.

Do a walk to the walls

The walls are from the 18th century and you can do a nice walk there and observe the fantastic view.

Get a massage

On the first day when we arrived we decided to spoil ourselves after all the trekking and find a place for a massage. We went to the Kaboni hotel and booked two massages for the both of us. I booked the sports massage which was strong and good for my muscles. I felt really loosened afterwards and it was a good way to start the vacation in Signagi.

So why visit Signagi?

Because it’s a beautiful small town with a unique atmosphere, great view, friendly people, great wineries, and food.
I definitely recommend to add this place to your bucket list in Georgia. You will feel like you went back in time and once you are there you won’t want to be anywhere else.

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